Medtech Medeor Pay by Link Practice FAQs

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Medeor PBL is only available in the versions of Medtech Evolution released at the end of May 2022 and above. Check the “Downloads NZ” tab on our Insight Portal for updates.
If you are a Medeor PBL customer, you can run a regular statement cycle (say monthly) to follow up on all outstanding invoices. The statements can be sent automatically to patients via email or SMS with a link to a payment webpage.
Pay by Link is only available for Medtech Evolution. Request a Demo from our Sales Team today and migrate to Medtech Evolution to take full advantage of the benefits and features of Medeor Pay by Link.
All versions of Medtech Evolution released at the end of May 2022 and later include Medeor Pay by Link, check the “Downloads NZ” tab on our Insight Portal for updates.
We charge a competitive market rate for all transactions processed through Medeor PBL. This rate includes all the benefits of Medeor PBL including daily payment reconciliations integrated into Medtech Evolution. Contact our Medeor Team for more information on rates.
Yes! Medeor PBL is enabled by our Medtech SMS service, so if you already use our SMS service to communicate with your patients, Medeor PBL is a simple add-on.
No, Medeor PBL is integrated with Medtech Evolution and therefore communications sent to patients are via Medtech’s SMS service (which is built into Evolution) and/or the patient’s email address.
Medeor PBL is supported by the Medtech Service Desk in the first instance. Medeor PBL will also have technical specialists and payments specialists available to respond to any specific queries.
All New Zealand banks. Medeor PBL will utilise existing payment gateways to process transactions. Regardless of who you bank with, Medeor will work for your practice.

Registered Financial Services Provider (FSP)
FSP Name: Medeor Limited | FSP Number: FSP1002699 | FSCL Number: 8833

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