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Connecting the
healthcare ecosystem

Medtech has led the market in practice management software for nearly 30 years

Today over 80% of general practices use Medtech to deliver high-quality health care. We deliver on our vision of Healthier Care by fostering innovation and partnerships to enable a truly connected primary care ecosystem. 

Medtech Evolution

Medtech Evolution is a Practice Management System that gives you the familiarity you know and love, with a host of features and benefits no other product can offer. Whether you’re ready to migrate from Medtech32 or looking for the right PMS solution for your health care organisation, Medtech Evolution gives you choice.

Medtech Cloud

Experience the performance and stability of the Medtech Cloud hosting environment and enjoy the benefits of increased security, backup and disaster recovery, always-on 4G fail-over and the time-saving benefits of automatic software updates and scalability.

Medtech Medeor

Treat patients instead of triaging your accounts. Medtech Medeor is a fully integrated and automated payment solution that eliminates manual accounts reconciliation. Give your patients interest-free access to healthcare with options to pre-pay or part-pay any outstanding invoice, right from their device. Manage debtors in bulk with personalised messaging and issue refunds at the click of a button.

Medtech ALEX®

Connect securely with our ALEX® API to Patient Management System third parties like patient portals, check-in kiosks and telehealth. ALEX® is developed to international data security standards and all connections are governed by practice consent and a partner code of conduct. Keep patient data safe to the highest international security standards without slowing your PMS down or losing connection when software is updated.

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