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Treat patients instead
of triaging your accounts

Invest saved time into delivering healthier care

Medtech Medeor® was designed to help practices improve their business by reducing accounting pain. Our fully automated payment solution is integrated with Medtech Evolution, eliminates manual reconciliation and gives your practice full visibility of all transactions in real-time, in one place.

Why Choose Evolution Webinar Summary

In practice and online payment options

Medeor® offers on-premises payments with Medeor® Point of Sale (POS) terminals at your practice and lets patients pay online using Pay by Link (PBL).

  • Medeor® POS terminals are fully integrated with Evolution, allowing error-free and automatic payment-value delivery to the terminal, and refunds can be issued easily. Our terminals have a 4G fail-over, so your practice never needs to miss a payment.
  • Medeor® PBL simply sends a secure link by email or SMS to your patient, where they can pre-pay or part-pay any outstanding invoice from their device. Payment reminders can be sent in bulk and account holders can pay for all whānau/family linked to their account through one link.

What Medeor® can do for your practice

Get real-time visibility of all transactions with Medtech Medeor®. By delivering tangible time-savings medical practices can put their energy into patient care instead of paperwork.

  • Reduce admin time with automated accounting tasks
  • Automate settlements linking Evolution and bank statements
  • Send bulk payment reminders to patients to settle debt
  • Full settlement visibility showing every transaction
  • Medeor® is in partnership with and powered by Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)

Save time, eliminate manual effort and reduce your business risk with Medeor® Point of Sale and Pay by Link.

Medeor® makes it easy for patients to pay

Medeor® Pay by Link is a simple, secure and convenient way for patients to pay for an in-person or virtual appointment, or when ordering a repeat prescription.

  • Patients receive a secure link by either text or email – they choose
  • Patients don’t need to create an account or download any apps
  • Family account holders, carers or guardians can pay all outstanding invoices for all whānau linked to their account
  • Invoices can be paid in full or as a part payment

Make it easy for patients to pay, with Medeor® Pay by Link.

What our customers are saying

Dr Richard Medlicott (Island Bay Medical), Nastassja Aneck-Hahn (Northcare Accident & Medical), and Jamie Murley (South Link Health Services) all share how Medeor® has improved the day-to-day running of their medical practices. of running a practice. 

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