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Secure, flexible
and cost effective

Increase your IT capacity without investing in infrastructure

Experience the performance and stability of the Medtech Cloud hosting environment and enjoy the benefits of increased security, backup and disaster recovery, always-on 4G fail-over and the time-saving benefits of automatic software updates and scalability.

What Medtech Cloud can do for your practice

Get the immediate benefit of an “always on from anywhere” service. Your data is safe from both equipment disasters and environmental disasters with access anytime from anywhere with an internet connection, and the added long-term benefits of:

  • Built-in privacy and security to international standards
  • Two-factor authentication for Evolution licence logins
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Always-on 4G fail-over, if the internet is down, mobile takes over
  • Automatic software updates, Medtech does it for you
  • Fixed monthly subscription costs
  • Reduced data storage and management costs
  • Dynamic scalability, quickly reduce or increase your IT capacity
  • New Zealand hosted (your data does not leave the country)

Migrate to Evolution Cloud

Cloud technology is cutting-edge and designed for interoperability. When you join the Evolution Cloud, you join a digital ecosystem that offers a choice of the latest digital applications and services to save time, cut your practice costs and improve patient care. Medtech Evolution is our next-generation Patient Management Software and offers enhanced functionality, performance and stability along with a host of integrated features and benefits. You own your data, so your practice can scale when you need to, or safely and securely move or merge your data if your business changes or grows. If your practice uses Medtech32 or you’re looking for the right Practice Management Software, get connected and protected with Medtech Evolution in our Medtech Cloud.

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