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Our Medtech ALEX® API is built on FHIR®

Medtech ALEX® is a first for general practice. ALEX® connects your Practice Management System securely and seamlessly to an ecosystem of digital health care services and third-party applications. ALEX® is built on FHIR®, the international standard for health interoperability, making it simple and cost effective for vendors to develop innovations for you organisation, so your choice of services and applications is always growing.

What ALEX® means for your practice

ALEX® keeps your patient data secure whilst enabling the safe and seamless exchange of information in real-time with health care services and third-party applications so that you can give you patient the best care possible.

With ALEX® the exchange of information is faster, more reliable and the connection won’t slow your PMS down or break when PMS or application updates are released. ALEX® controls access to your PMS data and ensures only the third parties to which your practice has consented have permission to connect to your PMS.

ALEX® is included as a core component in current releases of Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution. Medtech requires your consent before allowing the connection of new applications or health services to your PMS.

Partner with us

Our solutions are powered by the most recognisable and awarded organisations in technology, so we can design software that performs and scales to meet the evolving digital demands of primary and secondary health care.

Medtech requires all healthcare services and third-party applications connected to your Medtech PMS to join our Medtech Partner Programme to ensure data security, data integrity and the reliable performance of our PMS. Partners are governed by a Code of Conduct and all connections to our Medtech PMS’ require practice consent.

The ALEX® API makes it simple and cost effective for vendors to develop applications that can connect securely to Medtech PMS’, leaving our partners free to innovate and grow the choice of services and applications for primary health care.

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