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Our Partners

We partner with market-leading experts to build health technology solutions to power general practice and primary care

Technology Partners provide the platforms, environment, and expertise on which we build our software and deliver our solutions. ALEX® Partners develop innovative services and applications to interact seamlessly and securely with your practice or primary health organisation via our Medtech ALEX®  FHIR® API. Certified Partners provide services or connections to our business and customers by a method vetted, tested and approved by Medtech. All Partners connecting to your PMS can only do so with your practice consent and are governed by a Medtech Partner Programme Code of Conduct.

AskYourTeam offers a single system to involve the community and all healthcare organisations, providing data to draw on, the opportunity to collaborate and share learning and insights, and a way to identify opportunities for better integration and ways of working together. With an overarching outcome to deliver better healthcare we give New Zealanders a voice to create equitable health and wellbeing outcomes.

Awanui pathology and laboratory testing detects, diagnoses and treats countless medical conditions. Our network gives us scale and allows us to share resources and skills. It ensures the timely flow of accurate and trusted medical information when it’s needed, night and day. And it connects New Zealanders to the highest quality medical expertise no matter where they live.

BPAC Clinical Solutions is a clinically led Health informatics organization wholly owned by not-for-profit shareholders. Our core business is providing clinical tools and systems to the primary health sector and linking eHealth systems together to help improve the patient journey. We are the leading provider of clinical decision support in New Zealand and emerging in Australia.

Centrik by Webtools is a new generation patient portal, designed with practitioners and patients to meet their needs. Centrik allows patients to connect with their provider, access health records, book appointments, attend video consults, request prescriptions, view lab results and notes, send messages, and manage payments. The app provides a modern experience, including face ID, notifications, and digital check-in. Configurable to suit practices, Centrik can be quickly deployed with minimal effort.

Clanwilliam Health brings together trusted Auckland-based healthcare technology companies HealthLink and Konnect NET. Clanwilliam Health is based in Auckland with a presence in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. Its software solutions enable healthcare professionals to provide high quality care across a range of public and private settings including GP practices, specialist clinics, hospitals, labs, allied health, community organisations, the insurance sector and more.

DataCraft Analytics is a data driven services company. We can help with tools and services for data analysis and reporting. DataCraft exists to help you make better business decisions. By combining our unique skills and tools with your data, we can provide insights that will become invaluable to you.

DermEngine is intelligent dermatology software for the imaging, documentation and analysis of skin conditions including skin cancer. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this smart dermatology system helps you manage your busy workflows with secure cross-platform access and image archiving, management, and analysis tools. 

Emergency Q integrates Hospital Emergency Departments and local Urgent Care clinics in real time. Wait times are displayed on a digital display in the waiting room and busy emergency departments empower patients with minor problems to start their journey in primary care by safely referring non-emergency patients to participating practices.

ERMS is a mature electronic request management system that is proven in New Zealand and codesigned with clinicians. It provides end to end referral capability from clinician to referral and back again. ERMS’ creators have a track record of working in partnership with health providers and delivering on promises. The easy and efficient way to send referrals on time, every time.

Florence high quality check-in touchscreen kiosks and tracking solutions enable hospitals, clinics and labs to create a seamless patient journey. Improve the speed and quality of service, increase staff productivity and patient volume and streamline the entry and exit of all visitors through your facility. We have a range of software check-in solutions tailored to your organisation’s needs.

HealthOne uses the power of information to transform health and wellbeing outcomes. HealthOne secure electronic records allows healthcare providers to quickly access information such as test results, allergies, medications, GP summaries and hospital information. Nearly all South Island General Practices, Community Pharmacies, and public hospital clinicians have access to HealthOne and this helps them to make safer, faster, and better-informed decisions about patient care.

Heartbeat is a digital platform using best practice consenting, security and transparency. Heartbeat enables the real-time access to data for; Emergency Assistance, purchasing & claiming associated with Travel, Life and Health Insurance, using information contained in their Medical Health Summary. It’s simple and easy, no difficult questions and long form questionnaires.

IntelliMed optimises patient contact and form-filling with QR code or kiosk access. It automates various forms (Enrolment, re-enrolment, casual enrolment, ACC45, and patient questionnaires) and updates patient details automatically. IntelliMed automates patient queues and guides patients to the correct forms, freeing up staff and providing a seamless experience. Our QuickShot module streamlines picture capture and allocation to the patient inbox, eliminating manual admin work.

IntelliTek hands-free, voice-driven digital medical assistant supports notetaking, medical information search and patient dialog capture. Our digital AI app, kiosk and in-person check-ins speed up hospital admissions and help patients navigate healthcare facilities with live and virtual-agent communications.
Patients can be discharged with trackable reminders, education, and follow-ups to improve outcomes.

Manage My Health is a secure online health portal that extends the capabilities of your practice and transforms patient engagement. It provides the most comprehensive features that take care of manual tasks to reduce costs and improve cash flow so you can focus more on your practice and patients.

Medical-Objects electronic HL7 result delivery solution is a real-time point to point technology and connects over 102,500 health professionals across Australia and New Zealand. Our network allows you to securely communicate and track all clinical correspondence between General Practitioners, Allied Health, Specialists, Pathology, Radiology, Aged Care, Public and Private Hospitals. Medical-objects also integrates with all major practice software vendors.

Medicly is powered by Eightwire and provides, secure, quick, reliable primary care analytics. Medicly can anylise data from any PMS in the country while removing technical and compliance costs, providing an all-round solution for sensitive health data transfer. It’s easy to set up, operate, and maintain. It’s secure and compliant, so you can focus on getting the valuable insights you need.

Medlab Central Limited is based in the central area of the North Island of New Zealand. There are four centres in the group: Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, Palmerston North and Whanganui. Medlab Central test samples from patients referred by general practitioners, specialists, midwives and other medical referrers.

Middleware New Zealand specialise in delivering complex and highly secure integration and identity solutions. Our extensive work in the private and public sectors means that we have an intrinsic focus on protecting customer information, strengthening confidence in our clients’ reputation(s), and perhaps most importantly we support our clients to build modern solutions whilst enabling digital experiences that appropriately balance security with productivity.

MIMS provide the medicines information resource used and trusted by New Zealand health professionals in both electronic and print formats. In 1963 Australia published the Monthly Index of Medical Specialities (MIMS) abbreviated product information. MIMS (NZ) Ltd brought electronic-only MIMS Desktop and MIMS Integrated (MedTech32) to New Zealand in 2001, and has grown to to include MIMS Online, MIMS on PDA, MIMS Integrated products and MIMS New Ethicals.

Mōhio, powered by RocketM, is a proven clinical information platform for general practice and primary care organisations with a suite of integrated tools to support clinical outcomes, information collection, decision support, reporting and more. MōhioExpress prompts practice staff to complete health interventions that are best clinical practice, align to health targets or performance measures. Our ‘out-of-the-box’ electronic forms support the workflow of clinicians.

Odin Health is a leading provider of Healthcare interoperability solutions that connect systems seamlessly, save time and reduce costs. Odin Health solutions are used in hundreds of sites globally, including some of the world’s largest hospitals.

Plait streamlines patient communication by unifying messages from diverse channels into a single, collaborative inbox. Empower your practice team to support patients better and faster, enhancing workflows and increasing patient engagement. Engage with your patients wherever they are. Discover the future of patient communication at

Specialists & Referrals gives GPs and other referring specialists the information they need to refer their patients appropriately. Through the SR service the entire New Zealand Medical Specialists & Hospitals Directory is available in the Medtech PMS for electronic referral by GPs. Nearly all New Zealand specialists now receive electronic referrals through the SR – Specialists & Referrals service.

Surely is a health information exchange that reduces admin overheads on GPs by handling requests for health records. Clinics that use Surely save hours every day through a consent-aware exchange that handles requests from health practitioners without taking time away from patients – while only sending data that has been specifically requested. Requests from outside the health system are scrubbed of extra information and consent control is provided to the GP.  

TMG Cloudland is New Zealand’s specialist primary healthcare IT provider. TMG Cloudland offers managed IT services tailored to primary health providers on an enterprise-class hosting platform together with services such as VOIP phone solutions, managed print fleets, and email solutions.

Tū Ora Compass Health Primary Health Organisation (PHO) provides primary care services in the Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti and Waiarapa regions. We work in two health alliances – one with Wairarapa DHB and one with Cosine, Ora Toa and Capital & Coast DHB. We employ 250 people in 58 practices and healthcare services, contract with 60 medical practices and provide corporate services to practices through a subsidiary entity, Latitude.

VCare® International is New Zealand’s top Retirement Village and Aged Care Facilities software solution provider. It will help you meet all your care planning, support planning and resident/service user recording requirements practically and in line with best practice. Available on desktop and mobile, reduce the time and physical burden of paper records. 

Vensa patients can book appointments, view their lab results, medical history and doctor’s notes and request, and pay online for repeat prescriptions. Take online payments for your services and eliminate your overdue accounts. Invoices and payments are instantly updated in your Medtech PMS and presented in real-time statements.  

Well Revolution runs on Plait and offers patients a convenient alternative to clinic visits, phone calls and video calls. Patients can effortlessly book appointments, order repeats, access their health records, and engage in text-based consultations with doctors in your practice. Prescriptions and consult summaries are updated in your Medtech PMS. Unlock the potential of your practice team, deliver and bill for more services. Available as an Apple, Android or web app.

The Zed medical image sharing platform provides simple, fast access to medical radiology reports for doctors. Zed GP Messenger uses ALEX® to provide formatted radiology reports with one-click hyperlink access to the entire image set in the Zed Doctor viewer. Doctors can view all images from a study with a single click without leaving their Medtech PMS.