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Q1. Can I audit the workflow of an Inbox record?
A1. Yes. To audit an Inbox record, select the Inbox record of interest and click on the Workflow Details tab. This gives information on what action was taken, when and by whom along with information on which patient/which provider the Inbox record was actioned to.

Q2. Can I make the Outcomes field mandatory when recording a Screening entry?
A2. Yes. Under the Outcomes tab in the View Screening Term screen, tick the ‘Mandatory Screening Outcome’ checkbox to enforce this for a specific Screening Term.

Q3. How can I ensure that all nurses or doctors have Clinical Trust Relationships with each other?
A3. Clinical Trust Relationships are set up under the Clinical tab in the View Staff Member screen. Here you are able to choose either a single staff member or, by clicking on the ‘Select Service Providers’ button, you can select a group of service providers.

Q4. Can I make recording Classification mandatory only for selected affiliations, rather than mandatory for all?
A4. Yes. Under the Clinical tab in the View Location Settings screen, select the Ellipsis in the Medications section and then select the affiliation(s) you would like this to apply to. This can also be applied in the Inbox and Consultation sections under the Clinical tab.

Q5. How can I suppress Read code descriptions of a sensitive nature from appearing on ACC45s, invoices and statements?
A5. Go to File ► Options ► Clinical ► Read and select the Read code you want to apply this to. Under the Maintab, tick the ‘Suppress Read description on ACC45s & Invoices/Statements’ checkbox.

Evolution Release


Q1. Can I audit which staff member receives forwarded messages?
A1. Yes, to view forwarding information right-click on the message and select message forward audit to view auditing information.
Q2. If my banner in Screening is green what does that mean?
A2. The colour green indicates screening events are filled automatically. If the banner is displayed in red, this indicates the screening event and import should be done manually.
Q3. How do I send recall reminders to patients via email?
A3. A new “Send MMH Email” option has been added to the recall contact list to allow the sending of recalls via MMH.


Q4. What does IPIF stand for?
A4. Integrated Performance & Incentive Framework. They support the health sector to address equality, quality, access and cost of services.

Q5. How do I access IPIF reports?
A5. A new icon called “IPIF Management Funded Measures” has been added under the CBIT ribbon in the PHO-specific measures group.

Patient Palette

Q6. Am I able to view patient insurer details on the palette?
A6. The patient palette has been enhanced to display patient insurer details on the palette. This can be set up in location settings under the “Codes and Defaults” tab. Insurer details will only be displayed if the checkbox “Show insurer on the palette” is ticked.

General FAQs

Switching to Evolution

How do I switch to Evolution?

You can switch to Evolution from any PMS effortlessly in a phased manner.


What happens to all the data in my existing PMS?

We support 100% data migration from Medtech32. We have a systematic approach to achieve this. If you use a different PMS, we target 100% data migration by applying our expertise in data mapping and conversion.


How much training is required to adapt to Evolution?

Evolution requires very minimal training if you are an existing Medtech32 user. A day’s training is all that is required.

If you are switching from a different PMS, a simple and customisable training programme will be developed for you.

Extended training/follow-up sessions are available in the form of online e-Learning courses.

Will Evolution run in my Practice computers?

With the technological advancements packed into Evolution, it requires that a minimum set of hardware and software requirements be satisfied. Click here to view the hardware requirements.

If I do not want to invest in new hardware, can I still switch to Evolution?

Yes, you can still switch to Evolution.

We offer Medtech Cloud services, which offer state-of-the-art facilities to host your data. Safety and security of your data are given paramount importance in Medtech Cloud.

How do I get in touch if I want to switch to Evolution?

Just email us at salesnz@medtechglobal.com or call us on 0800 263 3832


I have entered consultation notes into the wrong patient’s file.  How do I move the notes to the correct file?

Consultation notes cannot simply be transferred from one patient to another due to medico-legal issues (i.e. any changes to a patient’s files need to be tracked for auditing purposes). The below steps can be followed to move the consultation notes to the correct patient and inactivate the notes for the incorrect patient.

1. Ensure the incorrect patient is on the palette and open their Daily Record (F6).
2. Double click the incorrect consultation notes from the Daily Record.
3. Copy the notes and paste them into the correct patient’s consultation window (i.e. highlight the incorrect notes, right click the highlighted notes and select copy, go to the correct patient’s Consultation window, right click and select paste).
4. Go back into the incorrect consultation notes, select the “More” tab, tick the “Inactive” checkbox and close the consultation.


Is there a way the provider can advise the front desk staff member how the patient is to be invoiced?

Providers can use the Quick Bill facility in Evolution to advise other staff members how the patient is to be invoiced.

  • Place the patient to be invoiced onto the palette
  • Select the “Accounts” icon from the ribbon menu
  • Then click the “Quick Bill” icon or Ctrl+Q
  • The New Quick Bill window will be displayed
  • Select the provider of the consultation from the Provider drop down menu
  • If necessary, select the income provider for the consultation from the Income Provider drop down menu
  • Select the service to be invoiced from the Services to Invoice drop down menu
  • If multiple services are to be invoiced, repeat step 5 until all services have been added

If any notes are to be added for the staff member invoicing the patient (e.g. “Make repeat appointment in two weeks”), type these into the Notes field and click OK. The billing requirements will default on the invoice window when the front desk staff member commences invoicing the patient. Any notes will be displayed in red font at the top of the window.

How do I change the font colour of the Subjective or Objective fields in the Consultation notes for one patient?

Right click in the Subjective or Objective box and left click on Font.

How do I unlock locked consultation notes?

With the consultation screen open, click the “View consultation” tab in the ribbon menu. Now click on “Unlock consultation notes”.

Front Desk

How do I extend the duration of an appointment?

To extend an appointment duration:

Open the Appointment Book.
Highlight the appointment to be modified.
Go and click the action menu,

Then select the – Open, Ctrl+O, or click the View an existing appointment icon  or double click the highlighted appointments associated time slot.

The View Appointment window will be displayed.

Modify the appointment duration by over typing the existing duration details with the new appointment duration in minutes
Click OK or press Enter. Should the new appointment duration result in overlapping with another appointment, a Confirmation window will be displayed.

If a Confirmation window is displayed click yes or press Enter to proceed with the modification. If the duration specified is greater than the duration set in the appointment template, the duration will be displayed on the second line of the appointment.

Can I customise any fields in the Patient Register?

The third field through to the sixth field in the various pane of the More tab in the Patient Register can be customised.

Go and click the file from ribbon menu,

And click the options from bottom of the menu

The options window gets opened. Now click the Reference Nos drop down menu.

Finally click the Reference Nos.

The References window will be displayed, defaulting to the Main tab.

The Keyword Name fields (one through to four) refer to the titles of the User Definable Fields in the Patient Register. The titles can be typed directly into the associated fields. The actual contents of the keywords are created via File – options – Patient Register drop down – Patient Register


How do I add a new service item number into Medtech?

To add a new service Item Number:

Go and click the file from ribbon menu,

And click the options from bottom of the menu

The options window gets opened. Now click the Accounting drop down menu.

Then click to services

The services window displays the right pane side. Now go and click the action menu.

And click the New or,Ctrl+N or click the Add a new service icon

The New services window gets opened. Enter the new code of the new service item number into the Code field (eg AF could be the code for Admin Fee)

Type the description of the service item number into the Description field

Enter the fees for the service and click OK or press Enter

If you click OK and receive the following error message – Cannot insert Service Row – ensure that the service item number you are trying to add has not been inactivated. This can be done by clicking the Filter icon and selecting the Include Inactive tick box. If the item number is displayed in the grid with a line through it, double click the item number, un-tick the Inactive tick box and click OK.

Where do I enter in my new ACC45 numbers?

Go and click the file from ribbon menu,

And click the options from bottom of the menu

The options window gets opened. Now click the Location drop down menu.

Then click to Location Settings,

The Location window displays the right pane side. Now go and click the action menu.

And click the New or, Ctrl+N or click the Add a new service icon

The new location window gets opened. Then enter new code

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