Shared Electronic Health Record

Shared Electronic Health Record

Delivering integrated care

Shared EHR is all about delivering integrated care and ensuring that clinicians have access to up-to-date medical information at point of care. This is hugely important because it facilitates greater healthcare provider collaboration and improves outcomes.

This critical technology infrastructure allows healthcare providers to access and update a patient’s essential health related data, when it is needed in clinical decision. This enhances the continuity of care and improves the quality of healthcare delivery.

Patient Benefits

  • Enhances patient safety by providing accurate information for care
  • More efficient and effective use of diagnostic tests
  • Enables timely treatment
  • Improves accuracy of diagnosis and disease management
  • Enhances patient experience and access to services

Clinician Benefits

  • Online comprehensive health records for healthcare providers
  • Efficient healthcare interventions and quality clinical practice
  • Improves availability and transparency of information shared between providers
  • Efficiency gains by avoiding the need to store, collate and transfer paper records
  • Enables the safe and secure sharing of patient medical information with other care providers

Community Benefits

  • Enhances efficiency and quality of care
  • Better disease surveillance and monitoring of public health
  • Gathers more comprehensive statistics to support policy formulation and public health research
  • Efficiency gains in total health expenditure
  • Better collaboration and seamless interfacing between public and private healthcare sector

Medtech Shared EHR is Hosted in New Zealand Data Centre (Complying with New Zealand Privacy Laws). Furthermore, all data in the Shared EHR data centre is encrypted for additional security with a detailed audit trail. Medtech’s Shared EHR realises the concept of “Records follow patients”.

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