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Medtech32 remains fully supported.

Medtech32 is a highly modular fully featured practice management system.

It’s popularity is based on its superior stability and capacity to deliver a comprehensive range of functions has become integral in optimising the efficiency of medical practices throughout both New Zealand and Australia. With robust EMR capability and sophisticated connectivity to government and third-party organisations, Medtech32 can be utilised in both primary and secondary health care environments. What we offer both in terms of our product and our service to clients goes a long way towards explaining our success. One of Medtech32’s major advantages is that it can provide the stability required to maintain the integrity of your data. Medtech32 features a very stable database which means there is no need to re-index tables.

Medtech 32 Notification – October 2019.

Medtech provides two practice management systems: Medtech32, which is our legacy system, and also our upgraded and advanced Evolution PMS. Evolution incorporates many advanced features (such as Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Business Intelligence Tool) and we will progressively introduce further innovations into this PMS in coming months and years.

While we will continue to maintain and support Medtech 32 it is our goal over time to transition our Medtech32 customers to Evolution, and eventually to phase Medtech32 out of the market once the majority of our customers have made the switch. We do not currently have any timeframe around this transition. We will work carefully and closely with our customers to assist them in their decision making and implementation planning.


Patient Demographics

Records containing extensive information on patient demographics provide the platform for comprehensive and automatically generated reports.


The prescribing module features the MIMS formulary, which provides comprehensive information on drug interactions and pharmaceutical funding.

Clinical Notes

A comprehensive module with a strong audit trail, which covers medications, disease classifications and electronic receipt of Pathology and radiology results.

Query Builder

This is a useful reporting tool that provides the ability to interrogate most of the data that has been entered into Medtech32.

Attachments Manager

This facility will link files such as digital photos directly to an individual patient record. This is useful, for example, in monitoring melanomas.

Health Tools

These include a cardiovascular risk assessment tool, growth charts, ACC and Ministry of Health treatment guidelines.


The Geocoding mechanism is interfaced with Medtech32 and offers the operator alternate addresses if an inappropriate one is entered. This can then be updated directly into Medtech32.


Medtech32 provides comprehensive accounting functions and is able to generate a wide range of standard and customised reports. Claiming to government agencies is processed electronically.

Recalls and Screening

Medtech32 is able to generate screening and recall templates necessary for any special requirements, as well as the basic recalls including: hypertension, cervical screening, and diabetes.

Lab Interfacing

The facility exists within this module to receive electronic lab results that can then be charted and graphed.

Third Party Interfacing

Medtech32 has the ability to interface with third party applications and agencies such as ACC.


Medtech32 interfaces with the National Immunisation Register.

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