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Medtech Evolution Mobile - for Healthcare Providers Manage your patients. Anywhere. Anytime.

Imagine being able to manage your patients on-the-go, enabling you to deliver care beyond the walls of your practice.


Medtech Evolution Mobile App

Access a complete, up-to-date, and real-time view of your patient’s medical history, manage your appointments, view your inbox messages and complete your tasks all from your smart phone or tablet device with the Medtech Evolution Mobile application.

Key Features and Benefits


Manage your patient database wherever you are

  • Add a new patient demographic record
  • View and Update an existing patient demographic record An entirely new way of engaging your patients.

Medtech Evolution Manage - Manage Patient database

Medtech Mobile App - Patient’s Medical Record


Add to your patient’s medical record, or view, edit, and update existing medical record entries

  • Patient Problems
  • Medications
  • Medical Warnings
  • History
  • Recalls
  • and Immunisations


Generate a Medical History Report

  • Select the relevant patient medical records to include in the report
  • Send the medical history report to your patient or another healthcare provider

Medtech Mobile App, Patient Medical Records

Medtech Mobile App - Patients Screening Measurements


Review your patients Screening Measurements

  • Add a new screening measurement
  • View and Update an existing screening measurement
  • Chart your patient’s screening measurements over time


Manage your patient’s inbox

  • See the patients full inbox record history
  • Read and comment on new and existing inbox reports
  • Assign a classification, clinical status or action status to inbox reports

Medtech Mobile App Screens

Medtech Mobile App Screens


Complete and record consultations with your patients

  • Add a new consultation
  • View an existing consultation
  • Create a follow up appointment from the consultation screen
  • Send consultation notes to your patient or another healthcare provider
  • See a full consultation history


Keep track of your tasks as well as your patient’s tasks

  • Add a new patient or provider task
  • View an existing patient or provider task
  • Complete current and outstanding tasks


Medtech Mobile App Screens

Medtech Mobile App Screens


Manage your appointment bookings

  • View a schedule of your appointment bookings and their associated details
  • Create a patient appointment for today or in the future
  • Arrive patients for their consultations
  • Reschedule appointments
  • Cancel appointments


Keep up to date with your provider inbox

  • Viewing and comment on new inbox reports
  • Allocate unmatched inbox results to patients and file when you are done


Medtech Mobile App Screens

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