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ManageMyHealth is a secure personal Internet health portal allowing healthcare providers to empower individuals to take a more active role in the management of their health and wellbeing.

This revolutionary new personal health portal enables individuals to access appropriate patient medical records online and health results uploaded by their doctor. It also allows patients to engage electronically with their health care providers to support positive lifestyle changes. ManageMyHealth is fully integrated with other Medtech products providing streamlined EMR solutions for communication and valuable connectivity, ultimately delivering more focused patient care and ongoing benefits throughout the health care ecology. ManageMyHealth increases health care efficiencies and administration savings by using ManageMyHealth functionality such as online appointments and electronic medical records management, secure messaging and appointment reminders etc.

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Benefits to Patients

  • Email securely to their Healthcare provider
  • Book Online Appointments with their Practice
  • View Medical Records that the Doctor has uploaded to the system
  • Request Repeat Prescriptions
  • View Lab results
  • Manage their health calendar
  • Recalls, Immunisations, Health Appointments
  • Add health entries into their Health Record
  • Engage in health forums and access health content
  • Manage Health Objectives. Set and track goals
  • Manage care of their children and elderly

New Features Include

Medication management
Shared care  eMedicines management primarily for use when patient is in a facility or at home requiring administration of medication

  • Patient Contact Centre  Call Centre support to Practices
  • Shared Care Request Access – Allied Health request’s for access to an individual Patients Data
  • Assessment and Care Planning – Shared care management of patients management Plans

Strengthens Relationship

Enables general practice to share patient medical information with after hours, emergency and other primary care clinicians.

Reduces Administrative Time

Reduces communication costs through electronic recalls, lab results and secure email. Improves quality of health information available to patients.

Patient Safety

Enhances customer service and patient safety through patient self service. Generates additional revenue e.g. secure online consultations.



Compass Health using ManageMyHealth

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