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Powerful, Integrated and Streamlined for Specialists

Medtech Evolution Specialist is amongst the most advanced health specialist management systems available today. It focuses on improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare service delivery by providing user friendly tools and functionality to help medical specialists deliver the highest quality of care.

Medtech Evolution Specialist is a fully integrated clinical management, appointment and billing solution designed specifically for specialists. It is flexible and adaptable for the evolving needs of today’s medical specialists.

  • The interface of Evolution is very quick and intuitive for both experienced and new staff and works well over local and distant connections providing secure access to the system with all backups and updates applied automatically by Medtech in the night hours. The opportunity to host other software that is utilised by our company on the same cloud interface is also much appreciated. I would recommend the Medtech cloud system to other users.”

    Tim StephensonSleeptech and EdenSleep New Zealand
  • Using Evolution and working with the Medtech team so far has been a great experience. The Evolution implementation was smooth. I could call and 'reach out' to the Medtech Implementation Team, whenever required throughout the entire process.

    Martin PressLower Hutt Chiropractic Clinic
  • The transition from Medtech32 to Evolution was smooth. The Implementation Team instilled us with confidence throughout the Evolution implementation process. Everything was discussed and resolved proactively by the Medtech team.

    Jacqueline WardPorirua Union and Community Health Service - Senior Administrator
  • Evolution also provides a better understanding of the invoicing of the patient.  Returning to the Queue the next day we are able to see a summary of what was updated on the patient, what was invoiced and what was pending.

    Prachee KalgaonkarDaneemora Medical Centre - Admin
  • Dealing with experienced and responsive people at Medtech made all the difference. They continue to be responsive with support now that we are running ‘live’ in Evolution.

    Marg JennerWakefield Specialist Medical Centre - Practice Manager
  • Evolution helps provide a standard way of doing things… no matter where you are working it’s the same system.  Even if you don’t know who’s at the front or the back, we know it’s the same communications and way of managing the patient.

    Dr Oruba KhalilNirvana Health Care - Clinical GP

Specialised Modules

Medtech Evolution Specialist is highly modular, allowing clinicians to select the required functionality for their practice. The customisable Patient Palette ensures that only relevant information is displayed from within each module.

Key Features

DemographicsDemographics - Records containing extensive information on patient demographics provide the platform for  comprehensive and automatically generated reports.

Appointment-BookAppointments - Clinical professionals are provided with the flexibility to cater for emergency, regular or reoccurring appointments as well as waiting list functionality.

ClinicalClinical Records - A rich audit trail covering medications, disease management and coding managed directly or by using voice recognition or dictation functionality.

EFTPOS integrationAdvanced Integration - Medtech Evolution Specialist fully supports eReferrals and is fully integrated with Microsoft Word, Dragon Speech Recognition Software and Winscribe.

ImmunisationTreatment Plan/Procedure Templates - Clinicians are able to create a number of customised treatment or procedure templates to support streamlined service delivery.

Theatre ChecklistTheatre Lists - Prepare customisable, comprehensive theatre lists which outline the surgical activities over time including - hospital, patient, personnel, equipment and notes.

Advanced FormsAdvanced Forms - Streamline and standardise data entry and the display of information relevant to particular specialities like dashboards, clinical programmes and procedures.

estimateQuotation and Estimation - Production and management of quotes and estimates incorporating provider and patient details, procedure and treatment, hospital charges etc.

Equipment HireageEquipment Hire - Administrators are able to readily manage equipment rental by linking it to patient information, bond, hire and refund information.

ManagementVenue, Room and Resource Management - Management of Venues, Rooms and Resources enables schedulers to readily manage multidisciplinary teams for procedures or consultations.

AccountsAccounts - Comprehensive accounting functions including bulk bill invoicing for agencies and insurers, bespoke payment plans, invoicing and payments.

Multimedia_CapabilityMultimedia Capability - A number of anatomical templates are provided including body maps where clinicians can record patient notes and related drawings.

ScreeningRecalls and Screening - Enables the generation of screening and recall templates and also provides the ability to document patient measurements, and graphs trends over time.

Health ToolsHealth Tools - These health management tools and utilities include medical calculators and health assessment tools.

Medical Device IntegrationMedical Device Integration - Work is currently underway to ensure that Medtech Evolution Specialist is works with diagnostic medical devices such as Spirometers, ECGs and other devices.

MMH IconElectronic Patient Connectivity - Has the ability to interface with feature rich patient health and wellness portal ManageMyHealth, which enables the provider to interact with the patient electronically.

Make the switch to Medtech Evolution Specialist

Medtech Evolution Specialist’s core focus is on improving the quality and efficiency of health care service delivery by providing user-friendly tools to help healthcare professionals provide the highest quality care.

Support2Hands-on Support - Medtech Evolution Specialist clients have a dedicated team of account managers who are invaluable in helping to optimise the use of Medtech Evolution Specialist within the practice.

Specialist Help2Specialist Help - An expert team of customer support service personnel quickly and efficiently deal with queries and customers are able to access an online knowledge base through Medtech Online.

Training2Onsite & In-house Training - Medtech can provide customised and personalised training with a dedicated team of training and Support Consultants, whose collective experience covers all facets within the health sector.

Data_Conversions2Data Conversions - Medtech are highly experienced in the area of data conversion and installation. We work with each customer to determine a data conversion strategy and implementation plan.

3rd-Party-Applications2Interfacing with 3rd Party Applications - Medtech is highly effective in its ability to interface with third party applications. Today we interface with external third party applications, systems and devices.

Ongoing_DevelopmentOngoing Development - We are committed to continually improving our products through an active research and development programme that creates a pipeline of better solutions.

Step up to Medtech Evolution Specialist

Dive deep into the detail of the big top line benefits that Medtech Evolution Specialist can make to your practice today.

Improved Task Manager - Makes viewing and action urgent tasks faster

Customisable task categories mean the doctor can now filter their task list to display only ‘prescription requests’, ‘phone calls’ and ‘GP2GP transfer in’, and can action them as frequently as required. By having a ‘patient transfer in’ task category, planning for your admin time is made easier – you can have a clear overview of how many patient transfer files you need to review.

With one-click, improved filtering now allows you to see if the patient you have selected has multiple tasks, further down your list. Similarly, you can identify urgent or recurring tasks at once by utilising the enhanced filter. Medtech Evolution’s advanced Task Manager makes viewing and actioning urgent, or frequently required tasks faster.

Left Navigation Pane - Keep your finger on the pulse of your practice

Medtech Evolution’s Left Navigation Pane has multiple uses. This user-centric feature allows a ‘quick glance’ overview of the patient record, appointment book, worklist, task manager and provider inbox. You can quickly access and launch several functions. Providers can have an overview of their appointment book for the day, including the status of each of their patients, without having to have the full Appointment Book module open.

You can view past appointments at a glance and open them to understand pending actions from the Worklist section. A quick glance at the Task section allows you to have an overview of any pending staff tasks, as well as tasks for the patient on the palette. Finally, having a quick reference to your provider inbox means you are able to access and action inbox results as soon as they come in – the best way to view urgent blood results without needing to navigate away from your screen.

Advanced Appointment Book - One-click navigation ensures ease of use

Appointment books display irrespective of templates set up, and a full actions menu is available to allow setup, navigation and location of appointments as necessary. If relevant you can navigate through multiple locations like select date, provider or location simply with one-click

This significantly reduces the number of appointment booking errors, by customising appointments. You can also allocate a name, time length, gender, provider and colour etc. Most practices have multiple appointment types which each have their own time lengths, with other appointments only being offered by certain providers. This feature simplifies the process for receptionists, meaning they only need to select the appointment type. The time is automatically adjusted to suit thus avoiding errors. This ensures no extended appointments are booked at the incorrect times, meaning fewer interruptions to your busy schedule.

The ‘future appointment warning’ feature reduces the number of Did Not Attend (DNA’s) in a clinic. Receptionists now receive a prompt when a patient already has a future appointment, and have the option of replacing or adding to their future appointments at the time of booking. This then saves time when booking appointments because it’s no longer necessary to search for the patient’s appointment summary.

Medtech Evolution allows any user, to mark a patient as DNA on their appointment book. This provides more visibility across the clinic as to those who have not arrived for their appointment, it also allows reporting and analysis of DNA’s in your practice.

User Workspace - Complete admin tasks while managing the day-to-day business

The User Workspace allows busy practice managers, administrators and clinical directors to segregate the day to day overview of the practice and their administrative work by opening User Workspace, and works on dual screens.

Interface Enhancements - Microsoft Office-style ribbon interface replaces menus

This enables the users to navigate through Medtech Evolution in a more intuitive and familiar way. Shortcut and function keys from Medtech32 have been retained, decreasing the learning curve.

Enjoy a more user friendly interface which relies less on memorising locations of modules. It also allows full customisation for users to suit their role. There are larger icons which are grouped together in a logical format.


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