Introducing Medtech Artia®

Medtech Artia® is our next generation Patient Management System (PMS)

Medtech Artia® is a complete clinical and medical administration application used across Australia by General Practices (GPs), Hospital Emergency Departments (EDs), Specialists and Government Departments. Artia® offers a range of customisable features, can scale to suit your practice size, and has robust security

Advanced design and functionality

  • Easy to navigate, even if you have no experience using Patient Management Software (PMS)
  • Role-based access controls to ensure the utmost privacy of clinical information to simplify the management and access privileges of staff
  • Create custom reports for accounting, clinical analysis and general practice management tasks, plus funding and claiming purposes that can be exported as a spreadsheet

Customise to suit your practice

  • Optimise staff productivity through customised, flexible views to suit the reception desk, clinical consultations and accounting staff
  • Build tailored workflows for efficiency and limit administrative work
  • User-defined fields for data input to suit your workflow
  • Customisable document templates

Emergency Department features

  • Australasian Triage Scale (ATS) Clinical Triage Workflow to prioritise patients according to clinical urgency
  • Integrates with Argus, Medical Objects, Healthlink, hospital systems, eRx, MHR and Real Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM)
  • Ability to toggle the Triage function on and off depending on the practices need to use this functionality
  • ‘FACEM Specialist Service’ is available to restrict the invoicing of services that can only be provided by Specialist Providers holding the FACEM qualification

Choose Medtech Artia® for your health care organisation

Medtech Artia® is customisable to suit the way you care for your patients. General practice, Specialists and Emergency Department professionals choose Medtech to deliver high quality, connected health care.

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