Secure, flexible
and cost effective

Increase your IT capacity without investing in infrastructure

Experience the performance and stability of the Medtech Cloud hosting environment and enjoy the benefits of increased security, backup and disaster recovery, always-on 4G fail-over and the time-saving benefits of automatic software updates and scalability.

What Medtech Cloud can do for your practice

Medtech Cloud is a secure, fully-managed, cloud-hosted Patient Management Solution. All product updates, disaster recovery backups and general software maintenance is done by Medtech including Medicare fee file updates and monthly MIMS drug database. 

Move your clinic to the Cloud with our full-service solution. Key benefits include:

  • Secure cloud hosting: Your data is protected by robust, advanced security features that are compliant with Australian security standards.
  • Backup and recovery: Continuous data backups, disaster recovery and always on 4G fail-over. If the internet is down, mobile takes over.
  • Automatic software updates: We do it for you. Evolution upgrades and all RMFS, MIMS, MBS and ICPC updates are included in your subscription.
  • Fixed monthly costs: All-inclusive data storage and service subscription costs. Quickly increase or reduce your licences and IT capacity.

Performance and stability

The Medtech Cloud hosting environment improves speed and responsiveness and offers the flexibility to increase your IT capacity at any time without investing in infrastructure. Move your clinic to the Cloud with our full-service solution. 

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