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Outbox Document Templates

Outbox Document Templates

Medtech has compiled some useful Outbox Document templates, in which your Practice can download by clicking on the links below.
NOTE: These templates should be downloaded onto the Medtech32 Server.

Once you have downloaded the Outbox Document templates, you must first unzip the *.zip files via Windows built-in feature (Windows XP or above only) or any 3rd-party software such as WinZip or WinRar, then import the unzipped *.mtd files into Medtech32 one at a time by following the Export-Import Outbox Document Template instructions.

WARNING: Please be aware that many of these templates require official approval from the corresponding authors and/or authorities before we can publish and distribute them – this means users MUST NOT EDIT or CONVERT these templates without prior consent from both Medtech and the corresponding authors and/or authorities.

NOTE: By default, the templates below are locked to prevent users from editing them.  If it is really necessary, you can edit the template by following the Unlocking Outbox Document Template instructions.

For more information click here to view an Outbox Document Guide


Outbox Document Templates

GP Management Plan Review
GP Mental Health Treatment Plan and Review
GP Medication Management Review
Medtech File Sample PDF
Domiciliary Medication Management Review (DMMR)
(Action Plan, Medical Review, Review Request Forms)

GP Referral Form

File Description
Dental Referral Form Referral Form for Dental Services under Medicare – Department of Health and Aging (DOC)
AHRF Hearing Referral
EPC Allied Health Referral Form Enhanced Primary Care Program Referral Form for Individual Allied Health Services under Medicare – Department of Health and Aging (DOC)
Life! Referral Form Life! Taking Action on Diabetes Referral Form – Diabetes Australia VIC (DOC)
VIC Consumer Consent Victoria Consumer Consent Form – Department of Human Services Victoria (DOC)
VIC Statewide Referral Victoria Statewide Referral Form – Department of Human Services Victoria (DOC)
WA Central Referral Services Forms WA Central Referral Services Forms – WA Health – CRS (DOC)

GP Screening Programme

File Description
Bowel Cancer Screening Program Assessment Form – National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (DOC)
K10 Distress Screening Questionnaire K10 Initial Screening for Distress Questionnaire – Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DOC)

Patient Information Sheet

File Description
Colonoscopy Patient Information Colonoscopy – Procedural Information for Patients – Dr Richard Sallie (TXT)
Gastroscopy Patient Information Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy – Procedural Information for Patients – Dr Richard Sallie (TXT)
Implanon Patient Information Insert of Implanon Overview, Checklist, and Consent Form – Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (DOC)

Medical Certificate

National Medical Certificates

File Description
Centerlink Medical Certificate Medical Certificate Form – Centerlink (DOC)
HSP Hearing Services Medical Certificate Hearing Services Program Medical Certificate – Office of Hearing Services (DOC)
Immunisation Exemption Medical Contraindication Form (IMMU11) Use this form to notify the Australian Government Department of Human Services of an individual (under 20 years of age) who has a vaccine exemption due to a medical contraindication or natural immunity

State Authority Medical Certificates

File Description
Comare WorkCover Medical Certificate Comcare WorkCover Medical Certificate – Comcare (DOC)
NSW WorkCover Medical Certificate
  1. Medtech32 Version 9.1.1 Build 3893 Built-in Functionality – Module > Outbox > NSW Workers Compensation Form. IMPORTANT: Starting from 01 Apr 2013, the “built-in” form within Medtech32 Version 9.1.0 or below is no longer accepted by WorkCover NSW.
  2. Certificate of Capacity Form – WorkCover NSW (DOC)

NOTE: Using this Word document template will increase your database size much quicker than using the “built-in” form within Medtech32.

QLD WorkCover Medical Certificate Workers’ Compensation Medical Certificate – Q-COMP (DOC)
SA ReturnToWork Medical Certificate
  • Medtech32 Version 7.4.0 Build 2857 Built-in Functionality – Module > Outbox > SA WorkCover Certificate
  • IMPORTANT: Although a new Certificate of Capacity was released for 01 July 2015, the “built-in” form within Medtech32 Version 7.4.0 or above is still accepted by ReturnToWorkSA.
VIC WorkSafe Medical Certificate Certificate of Capacity – Victoria WorkSafe Authority and Transport Accident Commission (DOC)
WA WorkCover Medical Certificate WA WorkCover Medical Certificate – WorkCover Western Australia (DOC)
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