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Professional Training Services

Enhance user efficiency and unlock
the full potential of our products

The Medtech support team offers comprehensive training to make sure you get the most out of Medtech’s products.

Product Implementation Training

When you join Medtech, upgrade or purchase a new Medtech product, our experienced team are here to help all of your clinical and administrative staff ensure they get the most out of the new product.

Refresher and Advanced Training

If new doctors, nurses or admin staff come on board, or there is an interest in learning more about configuration, reporting, the latest clinical applications, creating advanced forms and much more, our team can tailor a course to ensure clinics get the full benefits from using our powerful products.

In Person or Remote Training

We will send someone to your clinic, or if you prefer we can have someone remote into your computer via Go To Meeting software. With Go To Meeting you can move at your own pace while our trainer observes your progress and talks you through it via a remote computer interface.

Self Learning

If you prefer to learn gradually or at your own pace, Medtech has a variety of options available including through our user manuals, eLearning program, or come and see us at an event.

Our support staff would be happy to take you through your options and make sure you get what you are looking for.
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