A new era in payments

Treat patients instead of triaging your accounts

Medtech has been solving problems for healthcare organisations for more than 30 years and our fully integrated end-to-end payment solution, Medtech Medeor is specifically designed to treat medical practice accounting pain. Medeor seamlessly and securely integrates payment transactions into your existing digital patient experience.

Medtech powered by Fintech

In our drive to design health technology to help medical organisations provide Healthier Care by saving time and increasing accuracy and efficiency, we have teamed up with payment experts, Till. Till’s solutions power payments into an incredible network of businesses and make every payment possible.

We understand that to provide the best care for your patients, you and your business need to be in good health too.

Medeor makes it easy for patients to pay

A branded, personalised and seamless payment experience

  • Seamlessly and securely integrate payment transactions into your existing digital patient experience
  • Wide range of API-driven transactions, including payments, refunds and tokenised pre-payments
  • Optional Pay by Link service for debt recovery, including part-payment options under your terms
  • Personalised with your organisation branding and logo
  • Configure and personalise your organisation payment terms and messaging
  • Personalise the online experience for your patient
  • Immediately issue an email receipt on payment
  • API integration into your core systems to support the end-to-end patient journey

Your evolving gateway to new payment pathways

Making every payment possible for your organisation

  • Same day and next day settlement available
  • 3DSv2 two-factor authentication and chargeback prevention without redirects
  • PCI Compliant Tokenisation
  • eftpos Digital including LCR/MCR Routing
  • Cross-border trade to support international expansion
  • Seamless integrations + PCI-compliance
  • Brand customisation at check-out
  • Acceptance of all payment methods including Alipay+, eftpos Digital, PayPal, BNPLs and more

A truly end-to-end integrated payment process

The daily automated bank reconciliation is unique to Medeor

  • Automated daily bank reconciliation
  • Invoices and payment records are automatically matched
  • Issue refunds at the click of a button
  • Track all transactions with granular auditing
  • Accept part-payment on any outstanding invoice, interest-free
  • Offer personalised discounts
  • Manage aged debtors in bulk with personalised messaging

One portal to power your payment insights

Know more about your customers and track your transactions

  • Track every transaction, every rebate, and know more about your customers
  • Export data into custom reports
  • Daily transaction data access presented in a Live Transaction view
  • Funding rebates paid monthly
  • Monthly statements stored in your portal and easy to find


Medeor Merchant Terms
Registered Financial Services Provider (FSP)
FSP Name: Medeor Limited | FSP Number: FSP1002699 | FSCL Number: 8833

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