Medtech Evolution live in the Cook Islands

Medtech Evolution live in the Cook Islands

In October 2022 Te Marae Ora Cook Islands Ministry of Health migrated all their hospitals, GP practices and health units from Medtech32 to Evolution with on-site support and training from the Medtech team. 

The migration was postponed twice due to travel restrictions, time the Te Marae Ora Cook Islands Ministry of Health ICT Project Manager Ralema used to thoroughly prepare both the Ministry of Health and the Medtech team. 

Workflows were shared in advance allowing Medtech to create workflow-specific cheat sheets and once Medtech was on the island, the project ran smoothly with Ralema co-ordinating daily training lists.

Four days, 15 Islands, 250 people

The Medtech team based themselves at the Rarotonga Hospital and over four days, trained 250 Te Marae Ora staff from the hospital, emergency department, wards, outpatient clinics and health units on the main island as well as staff on remote islands, some of whom are four hours away by plane or six days away by boat. 

Each of the three Medtech trainers delivered three sessions a day face to face in classrooms or over Zoom to the outlying islands, meeting with Ralema, ICT and key Rarotongan staff and the end of each day to review and refine the day’s training.

Bringing Healthier Care to the Islands

With training complete, data migration and configuration was implemented by the on-site Medtech team and followed up with three days of go-live support to multiple sites – working around the awards ceremony for the Cook Island Games which finished on the same weekend.

“The initial apprehension of working away from our familiar NZ health system was soon forgotten as we were warmly embraced by the staff of Te Marae Ora. The new Medtech Evolution system training was attended with enthusiasm and a few laughs along the way. Once training was complete, the go-live was smooth with ICT staff ensuring PCs were updated and printers linked up. Clinic staff adapted very quickly to the change in system and did so with a really positive attitude.  It was a pleasure to be involved in this project and we’d be more than happy to go back for some follow-up training”

Liz Agnew – Implementation Specialist

A sizeable project smoothly migrated and implemented thanks to excellent preparation, participation, and collaboration from the Rarotonga Ministry of Health.  

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