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Webinar Summary: How moving to Medtech Evolution helped MaxCare cut their workload in half

Why Choose Evolution Webinar Summary

Last week, we sat down with Denise (Project Manager) and Dani (Clinical Nurse Lead) from MaxCare Medical Centre to discuss their move to Medtech Evolution. “Moving to Medtech Evolution was the best decision we ever made,” Denise explains. They talked through the process from initial discussions to post-go-live, covering the challenges they faced, tips to support the upgrade process and the ongoing benefits of using Medtech Evolution.

Dani had previously worked in a practice on Medtech Evolution and Denise had seen a demo by the Medtech team. Both were convinced of the benefits of Evolution and recommended the upgrade to the MaxCare Medical Director. As a long-time Medtech32 practice, and mindful of the effort and potential for disruption, it took a while to persuade him.

Once the decision was made to move to Medtech Evolution, Denise highlighted the importance of communication with staff and patients so everyone knew what was happening. Keeping the medical director and staff involved supported the smooth running of the upgrade. Dani said having someone assigned as a project lead was highly beneficial, and the open communication meant everyone knew what they were doing on the day.

On go-live day, the process ran very smoothly, with patients not even noticing an upgrade was going on. Dani talked about how each staff member moved to Medtech Evolution one at a time throughout the day, so by the end of the day, everyone was using Medtech Evolution confidently. Denise said it was good to have the Medtech team on site support.

Dani talks through the benefits of using Evolution from a clinical perspective and how it helps everyone to know exactly where a patient is in practice, such as in the waiting room or in seeing a nurse, and she confidently says that “using Medtech Evolution has cut her workload in half”. Medtech Evolution also helps MaxCare keep its books up to date with an invoice for an appointment being created before a patient leaves the practice, which also makes claiming much simpler and saves time. “We sign off at 5 pm and go home to our families,” says Denise.   

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Watch the full webinar here.

MaxCare Medical Centre staff left to right: Anna Fretton , Denise Rairi, Dani Samani.