April 15, 2021

Important Notice: COVID-19

Notice: COVID-19 has now been classified a global pandemic and we acknowledge that our clients are the backbone supporting the community during this unique time.We realise that practices resources are stretched, so please be assured that providing the highest levels of support during this time is our priority.We have expanded capacity in the support area to cope with increased demand and are doing our utmost to resolve your support queries quickly.

Video Consultations in Evolution

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You will be aware that the use of video consultations is on the rise. The benefits of using Video Consultations with your patients include minimising non-essential contact with patients, non-essential travel for patients to their medical Centre, and continuity of care for those that need to engage with their health practitioners.

With ManageMyHealth Video Consultations, you can initiate consultations both scheduled and on-demand with your patients. You as the provider can take direction on when Video Consultation slots are available, and whether the patients can directly book into these or not.

Users on windows devices or computers can join a Video Consultation using Google Chrome. Users on Apple computers and devices can join using Safari. Our ManageMyHealth mobile application is available for both Android and iOS devices. Simple to use. Easy to access

We understand that some practices have been unable to implement video consultation because of a lack of up to date IT equipment (e.g. laptops or tablets, cameras, microphones). Some PHOs have taken steps to resolve this by providing practices with tablet devices. Practices in this situation may wish to discuss a potential solution with their PHO,

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