April 15, 2021

Important Notice: COVID-19

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Upcoming Release – New Zealand Formulary integration

In News New Zealand

Evolution and Medtech32 will shortly offer the NZF drug formulary as an alternative to the MIMS integrated formulary for prescribing and medical warnings.

A practice can enable the NZF drug formulary as an alternative to the MIMS integrated formulary based on their choice as a practice.

The NZF drug formulary will provide continued use of all existing prescribing functionality, where possible, along with additional features and functionality available based on the NZF drug data.

The New Zealand Formulary integration within Evolution and Medtech 32 has been completed in conjunction with BPAC New Zealand and will be known as BPACNZRx.

For the most part both the MIMS and NZF integrated formularies will function in a similar fashion.

Key Features of the New Zealand Formulary integration:

  • Medication terms will be sourced from the NZ Universal List of Medicines
  • Unsafe Pregnancy advisements have been replaced by always displaying a portion of the Pregnancy section of the associated medication monograph during prescribing
  • The Banned in Sports filter control, to manage medications for athletes has been enhanced
  • Section 29 medications are highlighted during the prescribing process and printed on a prescription
  • Severity has been added to Medical Warnings to assist with safer prescribing
  • Prescribing will be prevented if the patient has an associated Medical Warning marked Severe and a Warning prompt will be displayed if the severity is Moderate, including the option to also display a warning prompt of it is Mild
  • Drug-to-Drug Interaction checks utilises Stockley’s Drug Interaction engine, an internationally recognised accurate source of drug interactions
  • Less important Drug-to-Drug Interactions, such as ‘Information only’ can be suppressed at individual prescriber level as knowledge increases
  • Patient Medical Warnings can be viewed & edited during the prescribing process
  • Monthly Drug updates can be downloaded directly from Medtech32 and Evolution, and will run quicker as medication monographs are not downloaded

For more information on the New Zealand Formulary integration please refer to https://bpac.org.nz/rx/