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Get Started with Telehealth

Limit the spread of COVID-19 in your practice
with Video Consultations

Increase access to quality healthcare with Telehealth during these uncertain times.

A Complete Telehealth Solution

With today’s advanced technology, Telehealth represents a simple and cost effective tool to expand services and improve patient care in a cost effective way.

Telehealth video consultations are an ideal way to manage the spread of coronavirus. Keeping potentially infected patients out of your practice will protect other patients and staff. ManageMyHealth is a web based application so it’s quick and easy to get started.

Telehealth delivers high-quality care to patients at a lower cost than in-person visit. Medicare rebates are now available for a variety of Telehealth consultations, so now is the perfect time to offer your patients the convenience.

Find out more about Telehealth and Video Consultations.

ManageMyHealth Video Consultations deliver convenience to patients and helps clinicians to continue to deliver high levels of patient care and eliminate the spread of COVID-19 in their practice. Find out how easy it is to implement this exciting technology into your practice.

Video Consultation benefits

  • Video appointments can improve access to healthcare for patients who:
    • are self isolating due to coronavirus
    • can’t take time off work
    • are unable to travel to attend an appointment
  • Build your brand and extend your reach
  • Video Consultations will support the ongoing relationship between the patient and the healthcare team, complementing in-person consultations but not replacing them.
  • Video consultations can address inequities in access for patients that might not otherwise not be able to come for a face to face appointment for social or financial reasons.

Key Features

Aligned with your workflow

The ManageMyHealth Video Consultation solution is designed around the workflows of general practice and wider primary care.

Enabler for Health Care Homes

The solution is ideal for practices adopting health care home or models of care that incorporates virtual visits.

Fully integrated with your PMS

The ManageMyHealth Telehealth solution can be integrated with your Practice Management System.

Cloud based and Cost Effective

The solution is delivered as a cloud hosted service that does not require any installation or purchase of expensive video conferencing equipment.

Planned and Unplanned Video Consultations:

Planned Consultations

Healthcare providers can conduct scheduled video consultations with their patients who are receiving ongoing care. Healthcare providers can also conduct on-demand unplanned video consultations to help triage and reduce avoidable visits for face to face consultations.

Unplanned Consultations

The on-demand video consultations can be used by after hours and urgent care or emergency departments to triage and reduce avoidable visits.

Personal Health Portal

ManageMyHealth is more than a Telehealth solution, it is a comprehensive patient portal that empowers patients to control their healthcare needs. ManageMyHealth delivers:

  • Online appointment bookings
  • Telehealth consultations
  • Repeat Prescription requests
  • Secure messaging with practice
  • Access to health records
  • Ability to view lab results
  • Manage health goals, set up tasks and track results
  • Access health content
  • Receive recall and appointment reminders - managed in a health calendar
  • Provide selected information access to specialists, community health workers and family
  • Monitor patients’ health remotely
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