May 11, 2021

Important Notice: COVID-19

Notice: COVID-19 has now been classified a global pandemic and we acknowledge that our clients are the backbone supporting the community during this unique time.We realise that practices resources are stretched, so please be assured that providing the highest levels of support during this time is our priority.We have expanded capacity in the support area to cope with increased demand and are doing our utmost to resolve your support queries quickly.

Release Update for Evolution

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There are a significant number of changes and enhancements coming to the Evolution application over the next 3-4 months, all starting with the release of Version 3.0.

Version 3.0 Release

The Version 3.0 release will contain a number of changes and enhancements for sector services as well as some that have been requested by our customers.  This release will be combining some items that Medtech has been working on for some time before we start making some big improvements to Evolution based on the feedback that our users have been telling us in our Focus Groups.

The Version 3.0 release will include the following items:

  • Bug Fixes
  • 2020 Immunisation Schedule Changes
  • Zoster Vaccine Immunisation Changes
  • Rx Print Option changes to make ePrescriptions easier to print and/or send
  • NZePS Dispensing Information change to make it easier to alert pharmacies of dispensing details
  • SMS Payment Online module to enable SMS Payment Reminders to be sent to patients and for the practice to receive online payments
  • ACC Nominated Provider changes to make your claiming workflow easier
  • eOrder HealthScope Icon and Form changes to make it easier to identify the service

PRIMHD Integration

Following on from the Version 3.0 release, we will be providing an interim release (Version 3.1) to introduce PRIMHD for those practices or services that have requested it to be made available in Evolution.

PRIMHD is a Mental Health data collection system and provides a direct upload of the Mental Health data through to the Ministry of Health.

Included in this release will be the following new functions:

  • Group Appointment Booking capability
  • Data Entry Forms for PRIMHD Referral, Activity, ADOM, and SCR
  • Data Management capability for Data Transfer, Data Load, Referral Status, and Graphing

Version 4.0 Release

We will be kicking off the New Year with a great release full of changes that users of Evolution have raised during our Focus Groups.

There will be major updates to the Evolution application made in the following areas for the Version 4.0 release:

  • Patient Tasks
  • Staff Tasks
  • File and Options Menus
  • User Workspace
  • Attachments Manager
  • Admin Notes
  • General User Interface – including Quick Access Toolbar and Navigation Panes

The Version 4.0 release will also include integration with the ManageMyHealth Online Payments capability that we know a number of practices have been waiting for.

We will provide you with more details on the changes in these areas a bit closer to the release.

For all the technicians that support our practices, you will be pleased to know that the Version 4.0 release will have been compliance tested alongside the following applications and supporting systems:

  • Windows Server 2019
  • SQL Server 2019
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Office 2019
  • Edge Browser
  • Adobe Reader DC (latest version)