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Medtech welcomes Vensa to the ALEX Partnership Programme

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Medtech’s new Application Layer Exchange (ALEX) platform, uses Microsoft’s Azure FHIR software to enable secure integration and interoperability with patient management systems.

Interoperability is required for the whole industry to grow and solve complex problems for patients and providers.

Vensa Health’s Founder & CEO, Ahmad Jubbawey says, “Our innovations require strong interoperability with PMS systems, and this partnership will enable Vensa to bring its products to all MedTech’s PMS systems, MedTech32 and Evolution. But more importantly, take a step towards inviting industry collaboration and innovation for which NZ is missing. Industry leaders should take note.”

“For us it’s building a new relationship with Medtech that will benefit our customers and their teams. It’s great to see Medtech being an advocate of interoperability and taking on that industry leadership role.” says Sarah Thiessen, Vensa VP Practice Success & Innovation.

 “The Partnership Programme will support the next wave of innovation coming through. It really provides a platform of innovation, which is only facilitated through an integrated approach. We’re excited to welcome Vensa on-board, being a national provider of TXT2Remind and with an innovation pathway on patient portal”  says Geoffrey Sayer, Medtech CEO and MD.

Read the Vensa Health full media release here.

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