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Medtech Medeor, Integrating Payments for General Practice

Medtech Medeor, Integrating Payments for General Practice

In May 2022 Medtech launched a new integrated payments platform named Medeor Pay by Link (PBL).

Medtech Medeor PBL is an online, fully integrated payment solution that enables practices to issue auto-populated invoices and receive immediate online payments. 

“At Medtech our focus is on “Healthier Care,” continuously improving the way that primary care and general practice work so it’s easier for GPs and simpler for their patients,” says Managing Director and CEO of Medtech Geoffrey Sayer.

Medtech Medeor PBL is eCommerce for Healthcare

Medtech Medeor, launched with the release of Medtech Evolution at the end of May 2022, is the first fully integrated payment solution for General Practice allowing patients to enjoy the same simple payment options they expect from other providers. 

Health care providers can send a link by email or SMS to patients who can then pay immediately, or in advance, right from their device. The payment is recorded directly in Evolution against the corresponding invoice. All Pay by Link invoices, settlements and bank deposits are presented in a daily reconciliation. 

It’s simple, but it hasn’t been available to practices before now, and is not currently available with any other practice management software in New Zealand.

A Focus on Patient Care

General Practices provide an essential service and efficient cash flow management is critical for continued service. Medtech Medeor includes features to accept pre-payments, part payments and manage debtors in bulk. Practices get paid sooner, save time on administration, and free up time to focus on patient care. 

“There’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of complexity for GPs. At Medtech we look for health technology solutions to make the exchange and management of information significantly easier, in a reliable and trusted way.  Sometimes the simplest solution, like integrated payments, has a greater impact than the most complex idea,” says Sayer. 

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