May 11, 2021

Important Notice: COVID-19

Notice: COVID-19 has now been classified a global pandemic and we acknowledge that our clients are the backbone supporting the community during this unique time.We realise that practices resources are stretched, so please be assured that providing the highest levels of support during this time is our priority.We have expanded capacity in the support area to cope with increased demand and are doing our utmost to resolve your support queries quickly.

Insight into Medtech’s new customer portal

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“We want to create an online community where Medtech users can go and chat with each other.”

Logging and tracking support requests just got a whole lot easier with Medtech’s new customer portal, Insight.

The free communication channel has been specifically developed for busy practices looking for a quicker way to access Medtech support services.

Insight gives customers a greater understanding of those support systems, according to Medtech senior product specialist Tricia Hurrell.

She says Insight provides another avenue of communication for users to contact Medtech.
If a GP, specialist or allied health professional has a technical question, she says, they can log it and keep track of its progress through the new portal.

“You can see notes shared by support staff and any other information regarding your request.

“It helps give our customers more control over their support requests and it also keeps a history of all their requests ever made,” Ms Hurrell says.

Direct access from Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution

Insight is directly accessed from within the latest versions of Medtech32 and Evolution. You can very quickly put direct access in place from your PMS system, rather than having to log in twice.

Ms Hurrell says customers can get information about the version update and download it from the support section of this website.

The portal has a number of other features to make life easier, including access to Medtech’s extensive knowledge library. The library is a series of “how-to” articles to help customers with any technical or application queries they may have.

“For example, a customer may want to know how to put in a reason for a cancelled appointment. The knowledge library can show them how to do it,” Ms Hurrell says.

Another time-saving feature allows customers to manage and change their user profile and password themselves, rather than having to contact Medtech to do it for them.

More features coming soon

Ms Hurrell says Insight will soon allow users access to other features such as online forums.
“We want to create an online community where Medtech users can go and interact with each other,” she says.

People will also be able to see when and where Medtech training sessions and user groups are being held and have easy access to online e-learning – a series of short videos about Medtech’s products and services.

This service is already available but will be pulled into Insight to make it easier to access.
“The videos are great for new staff to help them become familiar with Medtech and for people who are looking for extra information.”

Medtech is always looking for ways to improve its products and customer support, she says, and this is the latest way it is improving information access and flow.

“As we get more feedback, we want to respond to what customers need from us, which will influence what we do next,” she says.

“Insight gives customers one channel to do it all.  However, if anyone wants to pick up the phone and talk to someone, they still can.”