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The everyday choices we make can help us live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives—both at work and home. ManageMyHealth comprehensive Wellness Screening Program (WSP) is designed to validate and improve your current health, fitness and well-being.

All about Wellness Screening Program

Wellness involves being aware and making decisions to be well and stay well. It involves making disease prevention a priority, and setting healthy lifestyle goals.

These goals may focus on diet and nutrition, being physically active, maintaining emotional well-being – or all of the above.

ManageMyHealth Wellness Screening Program is an effective wellness screening program that validates your health status and helps you in becoming aware of and practicing choices to create healthy lifestyle.

Some of the goals of this program are to

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Provides you with information about your current health status.

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Helps you to set realistic wellness goals with our tools and partner resources.

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Manage your health care risks

An initiative step that helps you in making a Happy & Healthier Lifestyle

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Early Detection

A Wellness Screening Program can identify a potentially life-threatening problem in its beginning stages when there may be few or no physical symptoms.

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Through a WSP, you can identify potential RISKS. So, that you can change your lifestyle patterns to avoid the risks entirely and make positive changes.

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Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigations run is tandem with the pre-emptive aspects of a WSP. With ManageMyHealth Wellness Screening Program, you will know the appropriate steps to be taken to avoid health issues well in time.

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Complete Health Picture

ManageMyHealth Wellness Screening Program provides a Complete understanding of your current health status.

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Health Knowledge

It equips you to manage your own health, and access to required Health information to understand about the risks and alerts you to take preventive health care steps for better health.

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Creating a Happy lifestyle

ManageMyHealth Wellness Screening Program creates a Platform for your health awareness by providing insightful Information and enables you to choose practicing choices to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Health Risk Assessment Screening

You’ll have an opportunity to identify potential issues related to Daily nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle habits by taking the online

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Health Risk Assessment Template screening.

The HRA Template consists of a series of questions about your Health-related activities and behaviours. After completing the Questionnaire, you’ll automatically see a tailored list of Suggestions for maintaining and improving your health with Related score card.
Our evidence-based, scientifically validated HRAs help you to understand your current health and potential risks, if they are any, by getting to the root of behaviours and influencers.

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Insightful Data

Our Health Risk Assessments and Reports deliver actionable Data. It’s what drives more informed decisions and leads to Improved outcomes.
Our platform meet’s the highest quality standards for health Information products, and are compliant with the highest privacy and data security requirements.

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Personalized Experience

Increase engagement with three-dimensional branching logic and the scoring algorithms. A personalized experience allows You to collect more data in less time than other forms of Health Assessments.

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Highly efficient Evidence-based algorithms designed to provide highly accurate health risk assessments and alerts you well in time.

Biometric Screenings

An online and physical Biometric Screening to receive your vital Health biochemistry scores is an added feature of ManageMyHealth (WSP). The onsite biometric screening will consist of a venepuncture blood draw through the arm so that you can learn about your glucose, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels. You’ll also learn your blood pressure (BP), ECG and Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements.

On-site biometric screenings provide easy feedback about your Health risk for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and any Other chronic conditions. Combined with informed health Education, the screening experience can be a powerful motivation toward positive lifestyle change.

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Portable Health Data through ManageMyHealth Portal

Your health data will be available on secured cloud platform. This data can be accessible through a secured health portal from anywhere, through a click of a button.

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Individual Results

After each screening, participants receive a personal copy of results along with comprehensive health recommendations report.

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Secured Data Collection

On-site staff use secured & encrypted devices to transmit screening data to ManageMyHealth Portal in real time ensuring the privacy of protected health information.

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