May 11, 2021

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Impact of medical records digitization on patient experience!

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Patient experience encompasses the range of interaction, patients have with the healthcare system. It starts with the very first contact with the patient. It is the total of every touchpoint and every episode of care. There are three things that matter to a patient—Communication, service and access, expecting quality care rather than just the treatment.

Significance of Patient Experience in hospitals?……Treating Patient Well is the Right Thing to Do”.

‘Exemplary Patient Experience’ not only improves customer satisfaction but also positively impacts medical outcomes and safety, in-turn improving the reputation of the healthcare organization.

Why improving Patient Experience is vital for the health care industry and ‘How do we do it?’.

The health care market is becoming increasingly competitive, as patients and families become increasingly engaged in steering their healthcare experience. As empowered consumers, patients respond to the options that reflect their personal needs.

To make this transformation, organization need to focus on a four-part approach—

Engage Patients and Families— Improving patient experience start with engaging people before they become patients, including family members in the circle of care.

Optimize the Diagnostic Experience— In a care setting, patients expect and value convenient and timely procedures. Patient-friendly, Technology, can reduce anxiety and increase diagnostic accuracy.

Deliver outcomes that matter to the Patients—Telehealth Technology can contribute to better patient-reported outcomes.

Sustain Patient Loyalty– Repeatedly delivering positive experiences in the long term is a decisive factor in improving the patient experience.

What is the effect of digitization of medical records on Patient experience –

Hospitals and medical clinics in general, have complex and ever-changing environment.  However, what does not and  should-not change, is the overall commitment to put patients  first and ensure that they’re provided with the best possible  experience.

Patient experience is a critical measurement for the overall success of a hospital, which is becoming extremely vital.

Patient Records are everything— Imagine sitting down with a patient, ready to conduct an exam when the system will not load their records. This leaves you with no access to their medical history at all. Terrible right?

But what if the records popped up right – then the conversation by the patients, will be about the provider and the satisfying care they received.

‘Delivering health and health related services via telecommunications and Digital Communication Technologies’ is the key.

As the healthcare sector becomes increasingly digital, the responsibility of patient experience will fall more squarely on IT Teams. Those teams that begin building infrastructure starting with the patient in mind today, will be in the best position to succeed in the future.

So, let’s move past our medieval paper documents to a system that’s designed to track and store our health records.

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