May 11, 2021

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How lack of digitization of medical history is killing quality healthcare in India

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At the outset, let’s understand “What is digitization of medical history”?

It is a technological advancement in healthcare industry, that does away with paper documents of medical records and converts them to an electronic [digital]version, which add data with every visit to the physician.

Switching to healthcare records online, enable uniform, enhanced and smarter access to healthcare and most importantly save money across the ecosystem.  Also, Doctors cannot be expected to remember every ailment, tests or wellness routine prescribed to patients. It exposes Doctors to inadvertent mistakes and errors.

Challenges of lack of digitization in India – Lack of digitization has contributed to one of our greatest national challenges-lack of health insurance and underinsurance. There are many factors that are obstructing the way of the progress, for which, a wide adoption of Electronic Medical Records [EHR] will make for the country’s overall health – infrastructure, policies, impediments in research and resistance to new technology. Though EHR adoption has stated gathering pace in the private sector, the public healthcare system is still facing difficulties to adopt technology, especially EHR!.

Switching to Digital record, requires a willingness to challenge the status quo for the sake of improvement.

So, why make the effort of changing the whole system?

Simple… Healthcare is not a one-time thing.

There is no doubt that healthcare data saves lives.  Over the span of our lives, we might visit several Doctors for several different concerns and without data, we’re picking up at the start, every single time we visit hospitals, which is completely inefficient. Digitization is causing a quantum shift in the quality of India’s healthcare today.

If we could extend digitization of Medical Records, nationwide, we could really fine-tune costs to put money where it’s needed. We can craft a whole new approach towards implementing systematic and prompt healthcare needs.

Our healthcare system – desperately needs to keep up. The next wave of artificial intelligence -led disruptions are taking off in the healthcare space. Let us not lose out, due to lack of uniformity. Beyond providing the obvious advantage of hindsight, electronic health records also hand us foresight. The advent of digital healthcare spells the dawn of a new era of Indian medicine with improved quality, reduced cost, and better penetration of healthcare services.

It is time for a national platform, for unbiased healthcare information.

So, let’s connect with our expert – Medtech at, to convert paper based documents to digital medical records.