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Medtech Master

e-learning made simple

Learning how to use Medtech software is fast, effective and convenient on Medtech Master, our fully-online training environment.

Courses are presented in sequential order with relevant narrated videos where you can quickly see and understand what you need to know.

Whether you are new to Medtech or a seasoned veteran, expert knowledge of the full capabilities of your Medtech software will make you an invaluable member of your practice.

Medtech’s e-Learning portal aims to overcome the problems of centralised training and provide a low cost and easily accessible training environment to help you get the most out of our products.

Choose from multiple courses to suit your individual needs and go at your pace in a media-rich learning environment. Visit for further information.


Choose from multiple courses to suit your individual needs.


Courses are self-paced and include media in the form of text, images, animation, streaming video, and audio.


Each course is comprised of a number of lessons made up of a list of questions. Each question typically starts with ‘How do I’, then demonstrates the answer in a short step by step video.

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