Medtech Evolution General Practice

Fully Featured Practice Management System

"What blew our staff over was the Queue Workflow enhancements which
provide a good patient and provider safety net"

Dr Nikhl Zaveri, Systems Integration Manager, Nirvana Health Care

“Evolution is superior to comparisons both locally and internationally"

Dr Kantilal Patel
Total Healthcare board member and Nirvana chair

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Medtech Evolution is among the most advanced practice management systems available for General Practice today. It is designed to be highly customisable, is aligned against the workflow of end users and has streamlined one-click filtering which maximises productivity and efficiency within the clinic.

Medtech Evolution’s flexibility and adaptable capabilities, user-friendly and extensible design, robust Electronic Medical Record (EMR) capability and sophisticated connectivity to government and third-party organisations, make it the perfect Practice Management System (PMS) both for primary and secondary health care environments.

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