Partners form a vital part of the
Medtech Global community

With our collective dedication and teamwork, we provide our customers with the most efficient and reliable support and services available today.


We are committed to developing our partner's skills and knowledge through intensive training and induction programs.

Our business process is designed to provide high standard backup solutions with the appropriate tools and resources.

Our partnership and industry contacts provide you with the market incentives to make your business successful.

Our partner program gives you the confidence of providing the most advanced products and resources for your customers


If you are interested in developing a strategic relationship with us, join our Partner Program and reach the largest customer base of healthcare professionals.









Medtech has an active partner programme designed to support independent software vendors who what to add value to our products portfolio.

Developers looking to market complementary software products that deliver incremental value to our customers are supported and encouraged.

Integration Program

Collaborating for better health outcomes

As an independent software vendor, you may be faced with numerous challenges ranging from struggling to accelerate time-to-market, sustaining the costs of doing business, economically distributing your product to your target customers, and establishing and maintaining a technical support help-desk to name a few.

These challenges can severely reduce your development productivity, potentially leading to the loss of valuable market opportunity and product revenue.

The Medtech ISV Partner Program offers independent software vendors (ISVs) valuable tools and resources designed to help deliver products with a strong competitive edge by integrating and embedding complementary products with Medtech software.


Key benefits for Medtech Partners

  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Lower overall cost of doing business
  • Generate revenue quickly and profitably
  • Access to Medtech product development and technical resources
  • Technical support
  • Compatibility testing and product certification
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Integration of complementary third-party products with Medtech software


How does Medtech decide which products to integrate?

Usability, reliability, performance, on-going maintenance and technical support are among the main criteria for customers choosing Medtech products. Hence, Medtech evaluates the suitability of integrating any complementary third-party products along the following key principles:

  1. Relevance to Medtech customers
  2. Relevance of Medtech applications
  3. Completeness of patient records in Medtech product database
  4. Usability and workflow
  5. System performance
  6. System reliability
  7. System security
  8. Data privacy
  9. Compatibility with Medtech
  10. Compatibility with existing third party products

The product wishing to integrate must not interfere with the proper functioning of existing third party products.

Click to download the latest version of the Medtech Integration Overview Document.

Medtech Evolution Integration API

All 3rd party integration into the Medtech Evolution PMS should be done via published API's to ensure proper authentication is performed when connection is initiated and only authorised activities can be performed based on the security role that has been assigned to the integration system account. This is to ensure compliance with existing privacy law and policies.

The current API's for Medtech Evolution are RESTFUL and are capable of performing Read, Write and Delete transactions.

We are currently creating the required user manual and documents for 3rd party distribution.

If you are interested in integration with Medtech Evolution using these API’s please contact Medtech at

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