Medtech Advisory Group

Medtech Advisory Group

Medtech now has over nine products which serve the medical community in Australasia. We have a strong commitment to research and innovation, as well as the desire to provide technologically current solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We are also conscious that we live in a dynamic and ever changing environment in primary health. It is therefore imperative that we understand the specific needs of our customers and the ecology they operate in.

The Medtech Advisory Group (MAG), consists of members from key organisations within the health community. These members add fresh perspective to our understanding of the industry. They participate in four workshops conducted each year to discuss Medtech's product strategy, share their valuable views on trends and changes in technology, and help us better meet user needs.   For more information, please contact

New Zealand Medtech Advisory Group

  • Professor Murray Tilyard, Chairman
  • Dr Graeme Washer

Australian Medtech Advisory Group

  • Dr Paul Duff
  • Maureen Goss
  • Professor Peter Gates
  • Dr Igor Jakubowicz
  • Dr Rohan Gay

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