May 11, 2021

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Future of Medical Records digitization in ‘Indian Healthcare

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Technology dominates almost every aspect of our lives. Today we are witnessing an increasing shift towards digitization as it makes lives much more comfortable and convenient. Digitization is bringing about a new revolution in healthcare industry, today.

Therefore, India urgently needs to be a part of the digital revolution in healthcare on the following grounds—-

Reasons why India needs a Digital Intervention in Healthcare —

It is of utmost importance, to have an urgent need for Digitization of ‘Medical Records’ in our – “Indian Healthcare system”.

Why??? Let’s see…….

Lack of adequate Facilities in Rural Areas…even though rural areas harbor a majority, of the Indian Populace, most of Rural India lacks the essential amenities and infrastructural facilities that are a prerogative of a good healthcare system. In such a situation, digitized telemedicine can help rural populace to connect with the top – tier doctors in the country and, also make treatments more cost effective.

Insufficient Personnel…Surprisingly enough, till date, India is way behind, when it comes to meeting the bare minimum requirement of the working staff in the healthcare sectors. Automation in the healthcare sector would mean speedy care deliverance and increased regulatory compliance at every step, through advanced digitization technologies.

Lack of Centralized and Integrated System…By investing in and adopting a centralized system of retrieving population health metrics, healthcare providers can quickly identify the patient groups that require immediate attention.

Ageing Population… Globally the aged population is on the rise because of lower birth rates and increasing life expectancy. Augmented, accessibility, digital technologies, may help the elderly population to maintain good health. They can lead a safer and comfortable life, if they feel a sense of purpose.

Digital Revolution in Healthcare in India- The transformation of the ‘Indian Healthcare System’ has already begun. While the government is increasingly encouraging digitization with initiatives such as ‘Digital India’ and Aadhar, the private sector has launched various mobile applications, telemedicine, tools and innovation centers throughout the country.

The three segments of digital technology that are helping transform the face of Healthcare in India are-

M-Health- Mobile Health or M-Health is one of the most significant parts of India’s digital health revolution. Mobile Health aids in disease surveillance, tracking epidemic outbreaks and treatment support.

Remote Diagnosis – Remote diagnosis is another useful segment of digital healthcare. It allows healthcare providers to monitor the health of patients outside the healthcare centers. It empowers the patients to carry out specific routine tests using certain devices.

Telemedicine – uses technology for remote diagnosis, healthcare monitoring and consultation. It enables healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnosis and treat their patients without requiring, to come in for an in-house visit.

Future of “The Indian Healthcare Ecosystem”

India is increasingly encouraging innovation and collaboration in the field of healthcare. The government initiative of “Digital India” has opened before us a tremendous scope for developing a smart healthcare system for the benefit of the Indian Populace. Incorporation of data analytics into the healthcare industry can provide us with valuable insights and help manage and treat chronic outbreaks better. Thus, digitization of healthcare allows for care beyond the bounds of the hospital and into the limits of your own home.

Future of digital health service in India, looks very strong.

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