September 28, 2021

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First ever Medicare rebates for Telehealth on mental health

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Telehealth consultations concerning mental health and well-being can now be subsidised thanks to new items added to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

This is the first telehealth MBS item to be approved as the Australian Medical Association (AMA) calls for additional rebates in after-hours services, aged-care facilities, patients with mobility problems, and for those who have a GP management plan.

As of 1 November last year, practices in drought affected councils or Monash Modified Regions 3-7 will be eligible to claim items 2121, 2150 and 2196 for GPs and items 894, 896 and 898 for non-specialist medical practitioners.

Doctors will receive an 85% benefit for current Level B to D general attendances from telehealth consultations as follows.

General Practitioners

Consultation Time Fee Benefit
<20 minutes $44.20 $37.60
20-40 minutes $85.60 $72.80
>40 minutes $126.05 $107.15

Non-Specialist Medical Practitioners

Consultation Time Fee Benefit
5-25 minutes $35.40 $30.10
25-45 minutes $68.50 $58.25
>45 minutes $100.80 $85.70

The rebate requires having a previously seen the patient who must be at least 15kms from the practice at the time of the conference.

The MBS item stresses the consultation must be done through video using both visual and audio mediums. Telephone conferences are not enough to claim the rebate benefits.

Medicare has not specifically endorsed any particular technologies within the items but state doctors must take responsibility to ensure that it meets pertinent security and privacy laws.

ManageMyHealth Telehealth and Patient Portal fully complies with the strictest medical data and cyber security requirements to confidently meet the rebate requirements and is easy to use for both practitioners and patients including on mobile devices through the easy to use app.

There are also a range of other features in ManageMyHealth that make remote care easier.

Patients can then record their vitals and input results directly through a Bluetooth enabled device or key them into the App. Targets can also be recorded and monitored in the ManageMyHealth system which syncs and compares with patient results in real time.

Secure data sharing is easier and doctors can share medical records with patients and other practitioners to provide an electronic copy for years to come. This enables multiple care providers to access and share information when managing the same patient.

Care plans can be developed and monitored through the system and eporting on Care Plan compliance for rebates is quick and easy.

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