April 15, 2021

Important Notice: COVID-19

Notice: COVID-19 has now been classified a global pandemic and we acknowledge that our clients are the backbone supporting the community during this unique time.We realise that practices resources are stretched, so please be assured that providing the highest levels of support during this time is our priority.We have expanded capacity in the support area to cope with increased demand and are doing our utmost to resolve your support queries quickly.

Evolution AI Scanning

In News New Zealand

We are excited to introduce the new AI Scanning capability. It is now operating smoothly in three Evolution practices.

The AI Scanning capability was created to help our practices save time and money completing the laborious task of manually matching scanned documents to patients and providers.

Through working collaboratively with our customers and identified that removing the manual requirement to match scanned documents to patients and providers and editing the subject saves a practice a considerable amount of time.

We did a time and motion study and found that for scanning 5 individual documents the current manual matching process matching patient to provider) takes approximately 1 minute and 15 seconds for an experienced user of Evolution.

Doing the exact same task in the new AI scanning module will take only 35 seconds to complete the Auto Match to Patient and Provider

The AI Scanning capability will be an additional function that can be enabled for Evolution customers.

Key Features of the AI Scanning capability:

  • Scan single or multiple page documents into Evolution
  • Complete an Auto Match process to quickly match each scanned document to a patient and a provider automatically
  • Automatic identification and update of the scanned document subject as part of the Auto Match process
  • View the status of the Auto Matching process as it completes
  • View No Match, Partial Match and Full Match results
  • No longer required to manually match scanned records to patients or providers
  • Recognises printed and hand written text during matching

For more information and pricing of the AI Scanning capability please contact us via email on salesnz@medtechglobal.com