September 28, 2021

Important Notice: COVID-19

Notice: COVID-19 has now been classified a global pandemic and we acknowledge that our clients are the backbone supporting the community during this unique time.We realise that practices resources are stretched, so please be assured that providing the highest levels of support during this time is our priority.We have expanded capacity in the support area to cope with increased demand and are doing our utmost to resolve your support queries quickly.

Enticing patients to book online

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It’s estimated that around 40% of patients would like to book their own appointments and would appreciate the opportunity to book appointments after business hours.  So it’s no surprise that having an online booking system improves patient engagement and practice revenue.

As a society we are continually striving to save time in our increasingly busy lives. Many people no longer function in a 9 to 5 work routine and appreciate the convenience of online bookings.

Benefits to the Practice

The benefits to the practice are enormous. Firstly reception can be freed from involvement in bookings, appointment changes and cancellations. Using online booking systems, new patients complete their details on-line which reduces the admin burden for your busy office staff. People that book on-line are less likely to miss appointments which is good news for clinicians.

How do we encourage patients to use the online booking system?

While we know that many patients embrace the convenience of booking through an on-line portal how can we convince the remainder to adopt on-line bookings? It all comes down to communication.

Firstly, ensure patients are aware that online bookings are available and the benefits to them. Patient convenience is a primary driver. Providing patients with the ability to book appointments anywhere and anytime allows them to make the booking when they remember, they don’t have to wait for the practice to open.

Bookings anywhere and anytime

Patients often realise they need to see a doctor when they are unwell, and this isn’t always during surgery hours. Patients can become anxious not knowing if they will be able to see their doctor when the surgery opens. When they can book online, they feel less anxious.

Reminders reduce ‘no shows’

Many on-line booking systems also send patients reminders which they appreciate, these reminders also provide them with the opportunity to reschedule their appointment if the time is no longer suitable. There is no need to call, they simply login and select a convenient time.

There are some other effective ways to advertise online bookings to your patients, these include:

  • Display posters in your waiting room that promote the convenience of online bookings
  • Add a message to any external signage or marketing collateral
  • Promote on-line bookings on your social media platforms
  • Include an article in your newsletter
  • Add a message to printed receipts
  • Ensure the appointment booking button is easy to find on your website
  • Include a message on the bottom of your emails.


Integration with Practice Management System

In order to fully harness the benefits of on-line bookings it’s essential to choose an on-line booking system that is fully integrated with your Practice Management System as that will eliminate any manual intervention and errors.

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