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Connected Health Information Services enable the safe sharing of trusted health information
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Connected Health Information Services includes services already in place such as:

  • National Health Index (NHI)
  • eSpatial Address Management (eSAM)
  • GP2GP
  • Access to other information services such as B4Schools and NIR data

From March 2016, two new Connected Health Information Services – NZePS and NES – will be available to general practices nationwide. Scroll down for information on incorporation of these services into Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution.

If you would like more information about the Connected Health Information Services (NES and NZePS), click here to view the Ministry of Health website.


Activation of NES for Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution Users:

  • The NES module will be made available to all Medtech practices using Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution. Practices will be advised by their respective PHOs of the process to follow for activation.
  • The activation will be phased and coordinated by PHOs and Ministry. PHOs will work with the Ministry to provide induction and training support for practices. Medtech has developed user guides and webinars (see below on this page).
  • All Medtech32 customers will need to upgrade to Version 22.12 Build 5696 or later and all Medtech Evolution customers to Version or later.


Activation of NZePS for Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution Users:

The activation of NZePS can be initiated by practices themselves if you have installed Medtech32 Version 22.15 Build 5804 (or later) or Medtech Evolution Version (or later).

STEP 1:  Complete the Connected Health Information Services Request Form available on the Ministry of Health website.

STEP 2: Sign and email the Connected Health Information Services Request Form to the Ministry of Health at

STEP 3: The Ministry of Health will process the application and provide your practice with the relevant information needed for configuring the NZePS service within your Medtech32 or Evolution PMS.

STEP 4: Once the above steps are completed for NZePS with the Ministry of Health, your practice can activate NZePS by accepting the Terms and Conditions and Ongoing Monthly Fees as part of the Authorisation and Approval to Activate process within your Medtech32 or Evolution PMS Electronic Prescribing Setup screen.

STEP 5: Once the activation steps have been completed for NZePS within your Medtech32 or Evolution PMS ensure that you have restarted your Medtech Services to complete the activation process, and follow the steps detailed in the ‘NZePS Speciality Guide – Creating Dummy Scripts (PDF)’ documents further down on this page to submit a test script through the NZePS system to ensure the service is running correctly.

You can find your Electronic Prescribing Setup screen:

  • In Medtech32 – Setup > Connected Health Information Services > ePrescribing
  • In Medtech Evolution – File > Options > Connected Health Information Services > EPS Setup

Infrastructure requirements: Please also ensure your infrastructure meets the minimum requirements of the installed version of Medtech32 or Evolution as outlined in the System Requirements Specification Guide.

  • For Medtech32 ensure your practice is running Interbase XE7.
  • For both Medtech32 and Evolution ensure your practice is running supported Server and Client Operating Systems as defined in the System Requirements Specification guide.

Training and Webinars: Self Training Guides and Training Webinars for NZePS functionality within Medtech32 and Evolution are further down on this page.  If you have queries after reviewing the provided training material, please contact the Medtech Training Team at


NZePS – Training and User Guides

The NZePS allows an electronic version of the standard hard copy of a prescription given to a patient to also be retrieved by a community pharmacy. There is no change to your workflow within your Medtech32 or Evolution PMS system when prescribing and printing a prescription, but rather new features available for you to use.

Medtech32 NZePS Webinars:

Click here to view the webinars individually

Evolution NZePS Webinars

Click here to view the webinars individually


The NES service is designed to provide a centralised register with real-time patient enrolment status and a single source of truth for enrolment data to ensure accuracy of Capitation Based Funding calculations. It is a web-based service that is integrated into Medtech32 allowing practice staff to access, validate, modify and maintain patient identity (NHI) and demographics, supporting accurate identification of patients and clinical safety.

Medtech32 NES Webinars

Click here to view the webinars individually

Evolution NES Webinars

Click here to view the webinars individually

NIR – National Immunisation Register

The National Immunisation Register (NIR) ensures that patient immunisation records are are up-to-date and kept safe. Immunisation records also help to control disease by understanding which immunisations are implemented within the population..

Learn more about the National Immunisation Register

MIMS – Monthly Index of Medical Specialities

The February 2017 MIMS Update Installer is now available. Please note that from March 2017, these monthly updates will be available directly from MIMS. Communications about the availability of the monthly MIMS Update Installer will come from MIMS.

As a prerequisite, the practice must be on Medtech Evolution Version 1.7 in order to install the March MIMS Update and subsequent monthly updates. If not already on Version 1.7, please upgrade to this version before 28 February 2017.

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