Medtech Evolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Upgrades

Upgrade from Medtech32 to Medtech Evolution

Q 1 . What is Medtech Evolution?

A 1.Medtech Evolution is a revamped version of Medtech32 that utilises the latest development architecture to provide a future-proof platform for further expansions in functionality, usability, compatibility, and scalability. Medtech Evolution Version 10.0.1 is built upon Medtech32 Version 9.3.3, and contains all existing Medtech32 features plus a refreshed user interface and many new functional and technical enhancements. It is designed with minimal disruptions in mind to the existing features and workflows in Medtech32.

Q 2 . Is it mandatory to upgrade from Medtech32 to Medtech Evolution?

A 2. All future enhancements, including any new functionalities that are required by legislative changes (e.g. My Health Record Clinical Useability Programmes, Online PBS Authorities, etc.), will only be made available for Medtech Evolution, and therefore it is highly recommended to upgrade to Medtech Evolution as soon as possible. Although Medtech32 Version 9.x.x will continue to be supported until further notice, only critical bug fixes and routine third-party database updates (i.e. ACIR, MBS, RMFS, ICPC-2 PLUS, and MIMS) will be made available for Medtech32.

Q 3 . What are the new enhancements in Medtech Evolution Version 10.0.1?

A 3. Medtech Evolution Version 10.0.1 contains all existing features up to Medtech32 Version 9.3.3, plus the following new enhancements:

1. 64-bit Application and 64-bit Database Engine
2. Windows 10 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 (64-bit) Support
3. Windows DPI-Aware Compliance – Auto Font Size Scaling
4. Windows User Account Control (UAC) Security Compliance
5. Refreshed User Interface and Action Menu
6. Enhanced Diagnostic Services with Screen Numbering for Troubleshooting
7. Patient Palette and Next of Kin/Emergency Contact Enhancements
8. Medtech Kiosk – Patient Self Check-in, Update Contact Details, Print Encounter Slip
9. Support Service Item Level Reconciliation – for Private, Third Party, Group Invoices
10. Group Invoice – Private vs. Third Party, New Management and Reporting Options
11. MediSecure Performance Enhancement and DrShop – Drug Abuse Prevention
12. ANZSCO Health Specialty – allow Code Mapping for eHealth Transmissions
13. Print Preview across Inbox/Outbox and Improved Printer Redirection Handling
14. Scanning Image Format – Support PDF and TIFF Compressions for Size Reduction
15. Pen CAT Extraction – Support Data Schema Version 1.17 with Updated Mapping Tool
16. Telstra HealthEngine Online Appointment for Non-Registered/New Patients

Q 4 . Does upgrading from Medtech32 to Medtech Evolution require a data conversion process?

A 4. No, the upgrade process is the same as the previous Medtech32 full DVD releases since Medtech Evolution utilises the same but newer development platform as Medtech32. Although due to the upgrade of the underlying development platform and the introduction of Windows User Account Control (UAC) Security Compliance, all existing services, scheduled tasks, and customised tools and reports for Medtech32 must be reinstalled or reconfigured for Medtech Evolution.

Q 5. Are there different editions of Medtech Evolution?

A 5. Yes, there are two editions: 32-bit and 64-bit. To utilise the benefits of the 64-bit edition of Medtech Evolution, all computers across your network including servers, clients, and briefcase laptops must be running on a compatible 64-bit edition of Windows.

Q.6 Can I upgrade to Medtech Evolution if some of my client computers are still running on 32-bit editions of Windows?

A.6 If you are unable to upgrade your existing 32-bit client to a compatible 64-bit edition of Windows, you can still enjoy the refreshed user interface of Medtech Evolution by upgrading from Medtech32 to the 32-bit edition of Medtech Evolution. You can then upgrade from the 32-bit edition to 64-bit edition of Medtech Evolution at a later stage when you are ready. Alternatively, you can also consider running the 64-bit edition of Medtech Evolution via Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Citrix XenApp, where only the RDS/XenApp Server is required to be on 64-bit Windows and the older clients can remain on 32-bit Windows.

Q.7 Do I need to upgrade my existing system hardware to run Medtech Evolution?

A.7 Due to the upgrade of the underlying development platform to support the latest system environment, please be aware that the recommended system requirements for Medtech Evolution are not the same as Medtech32, in particular, the system requirements for the 64-bit edition of Medtech Evolution is much higher. Please always refer to the latest System Requirement Specifications document for Medtech Evolution on the Medtech website, and contact your IT System Administrator or IT Service Provider to ensure your system environment meets the recommended system requirements.

Q.8 Do I need to upgrade Interbase Server too?

A.8 Yes, Medtech Evolution requires Interbase XE3 Update 4 Hotfix 3 to be installed across your network including servers, clients, and briefcase laptops. If you are currently subscribed to Interbase annual maintenance plan, there is no extra cost to upgrade to Interbase XE3. In case you do not have a current subscription for Interbase annual maintenance program, please fill in the Interbase XE3 Order Form to purchase Interbase XE3 licenses.

Q.9 Are there different editions of Interbase XE3?

A.9 Yes, there are two editions: 32-bit and 64-bit. The Interbase XE3 installers will automatically detect and install the correct version of Interbase XE3 on each computer. As mentioned above, since only 64-bit editions of Windows are supported for servers, the Interbase XE3 Server installer will install 64-bit Interbase Server on servers and briefcase laptops whereas the Interbase XE3 Client installer will install 32-bit Interbase Client on 32-bit client computers and 64-bit Interbase Client on 64-bit client computers accordingly.

Q.10 When will I receive the Medtech Evolution installation disc?

A.10 Unlikely previous upgrades, you will not receive the installation disc automatically. Due to fundamental changes in the Medtech Evolution development architecture, a site audit process is required to ensure your system environment meets the minimum installation requirements for Medtech Evolution, and to determine whether your system architecture is capable of running the 64-bit edition of Medtech Evolution. Please advise your IT service provider to contact the Medtech Helpdesk to initiate the site audit process when you are ready to upgrade, or contact one of the Medtech Channel Partners for assistance.

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