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Medtech Evolution has everything you would expect from an outstanding Practice Management Software package and more. Our medical clinic software is used in General Practices (GPs), Specialist Practices, Allied Health Clinics, Hospital Emergency Departments and medical research facilities.

modular workflow2Modular, flexible, customisable workflows

Not all clinics are the same so Medtech Evolution allows for customised, flexible views for front desk, clinical consultations and accounting functions which can differ between users.

With Medtech Evolution you are not locked into a prescribed, structured workflow for your patients. We think you should work the way you want, not the way you are told.

qb reportFlexible Query Builder for intelligent reporting

Intelligent reports can be created for accounting, clinical analysis and patient contact using any fields in the database without you having to be a technical expert.

For contacting patients, you can choose, for example, any patient demographics and records of whether they have had a certain vaccination and then whether you just want a report or contact them with a bulk SMS, email or other method instantly.

customised formsCustomised, advanced forms for improved workflow

Medtech Evolution allows for paperless patient registration forms, customised assessment and diagnosis forms, and customised treatment and prevention plans.

The forms also allows for weighted calculations which can be used for diagnosis scoring, goal setting and assessment forms which are measurable and reportable in Medtech Evolution as well.

role based securityRole based security

In Medtech Evolution, access to patient records and documentation is managed by role based security permissions to ensure the utmost privacy and integrity of your clinical information.

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front deskFront Desk

  • Customisable views and configurations
  • Paperless patient registration forms which populate directly into the patient record through ManageMyHealth
  • The fastest appointment setter in the industry
  • Book for multiple locations
  • Book resources like rooms, devices and people
  • Group booking capability
  • ManageMyHealth online appointment integration
  • SMS integration with the appointment pad
  • TYRO, Healthpoint and Eclipse integration
  • Flexible task lists
  • Waiting room which can allow for rapid patient triage
  • Replyable SMS integration into the appointment book
  • Fully integrated with My Health Record

clinical interfaceClinical Interface

  • Customisable clinical display for each clinician
  • Customisable workflows and checklists which directly populate patient records e.g. travel vaccinations
  • Smart, customisable care plans share and auto populate patient vitals including laboratory results
  • ‘Briefcase’ backs up all patient data on devices used offsite with Evolution’s sophisticated data verification tool to ensure NO loss of data when the device plugs back into the network
  • The easy to use digital drawing tool integrates with Microsoft Ink for Microsoft Surface and Windows 10 tablets
  • Screening module with intuitive keywords or customise your own shorthand references for quicker consultations
  • Medical calculation tools allow for instant calculation of patient risk factors like chronic disease management and mental health
  • Integration with eRX script exchange for real-time prescription monitoring including SafeScript

tyro accountingAccounting

  • Evolution’s Quick Billing module and integration with Tyro and HealthPoint completes billing in just a few clicks
  • Eclipse included in Medtech Evolution free of charge
  • Fully integrated with Medicare Easyclaim for instant claiming connection
  • The flexible Query Builder means convenient use of our standardised reports or creating new templates without having to be a tech expert
  • Corporate billing and WorkCover functionality is available
  • Aged debt reporting is clear and simple

Medtech Evolution is now also Cloud based with a secure, hosted desktop solution giving you access to your data from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day and the flexibility to easily increase your IT capacity or add capabilities without investing in new infrastructure.

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