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API Focus: Patient Health Summary

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The Medtech team are working hard on our API, along with our external partners (Microsoft, Umbrellar, SQL Services, Aura and Odin Health) We wanted to share some details about the Patient Health Summary Resource – the main clinical resource included when our API launches in Feb 2021.

Please understand that API calls will need to pass in appropriate parameters to identify the resources being requested. Now is a good time to think about how to obtain values for these parameters. For example, to obtain patient records from a practice you will need a facility ID that identifies that practice. Similarly, you will be able to describe a time-period for the records to be returned (i.e. ‘all records’ or ‘within last 12mths). We will keep you updated as we progress, and we welcome questions, feedback, and sessions covering what capabilities you would like included in our API roadmap moving forward.

This is a time of exciting change at Medtech and our Partners. This project is the benchmark of our approach towards interoperability in the sector from here on in. Our core focus is on quality, scalability, security and standards.

Patient Demographics

  • Patient’s Name (Family Name & Given Name)
  • Patient’s DOB
  • Patient’s NHI
  • Patient’s Gender
  • Patient’s Ethnicity
  • Patient’s Main Address details
  • Patient’s Postal Address details (if applicable)
  • Patient’s contact details like Phone Number, Mobile Number, email id etc.
  • Patient’s Registration Status
  • Patient’s Enrolment Status
  • Patient’s Enrolment Start Date & End Date (if applicable)
  • Patient’s Next of Kin details including their address
  • Patients Employer details including their address

Patient Conditions (Classifications)

  • Patient’s Condition/Classification (Read Code & Description)
  • Long Term flag (a request parameter to include only the long-term condition is available)
  • Highlight flag
  • Confidential condition flag (a request parameter to include/exclude confidential condition is available)
  • Inactive flag (a request parameter to include/exclude Inactive records is available)
  • Severity of the condition
  • Qualifier of the condition
  • Date of Onset for the condition
  • Provider who entered the condition
  • Date when the condition was first added
  • Date when the condition was updated


  • Medication name (brand name) and its code (MIMS or NZF)
  • Strength of the medication
  • Dosage quantity of the medication
  • Dosage unit of the medication
  • Administration frequency of the medication
  • Number of repeats allowed for the medication
  • Provider who prescribed the medication
  • Long Term medication flag (a request parameter to include only the long-term medication is available)
  • Confidential flag for the medication (a request parameter to include/exclude confidential medication is available)
  • Inactive medication flag (a request parameter to include/exclude Inactive records is available)
  • Prescription date
  • Date when the medication was updated

Allergy (Medical Warnings)

  • Allergy description
  • The code used to enter the Allergy (MIMS Drug Class, MIMS Generic Group, NZF code)
  • Allergies entered using Note only
  • Patient having the “No Known Allergy” option selected
  • Date of onset of the allergy
  • Provider who entered the allergy

Observation (Screening)

  • Screening Term description only (for screening term without SNOMED-CT mapping)
  • Screening Term description & SNOMED-CT Code (for screening term with SNOMED-CT mapping)
  • Screening Term outcome
  • Screening Term outcome note
  • Screening Term measurement value
  • Screening Term measurement units
  • Screening Term measurement date
  • Screening Term measurement modified date
  • Screening Term Confidential flag (a request parameter to include/exclude confidential screening term is available)


  • Vaccine description
  • Vaccine code (CVX Code)
  • Vaccine outcome
  • Vaccine site
  • Vaccination date
  • Vaccine vaccinator
  • Vaccine service provider
  • Vaccine note
  • Vaccine batch no.
  • Vaccine entry date
  • Vaccine modified date

Consultation Details (Encounter)

  • Subjective, Objective notes (Not developed for POC, but will be available as part of main design)
  • The Consultation start time
  • Consultation end time
  • Location selected for consultation
  • Consultation Type

Inbox Documents

  • The following types of Inbox document will be covered-
  • Lab Results with general test like Blood Tests, LFT’s, Pathology Results etc.
  • Radiology results
  • Discharge Summaries with or without attachments
  • Specialist Reports, Status Reports etc, with or without attachments
  • Referrals with or without attachments

Please note- that the request parameter can be defined with the time range to receive the inbox document.

  • The following data elements for Inbox document will be captured-
  • Inbox document subject
  • Inbox document results (if applicable)
  • Inbox document received date
  • Inbox document service provider
  • Inbox document attention provider
  • Inbox document external reference number
  • Inbox document comments
  • Confidential flag for Inbox document (a request parameter to include/exclude confidential inbox document is available)


Other points to note: If an Inbox document has attachments, we will not send the attachments as part of Health Summary but instead we will send the blob key to state that the inbox record has an attachment. Another request passing the blob key must be made for the actual attachment, in which case the base-64 binary of the attachment will be returned.

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